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For Immediate Release: January 12, 2012
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State Assemblyman Solorio Co-Authors Legislation to Slow Down Demise of Redevelopment Agencies
Huge need for affordable housing and local economic development tools justifies urgency legislation

SACRAMENTO – State Assemblyman Jose Solorio (D-Anaheim), in an effort to wind down redevelopment agencies in a deliberate and responsible way and to not force them to immediately liquidate assets, has signed on to urgency legislation that would accomplish those feats.

“The Legislature agreed to phase out and reconstitute redevelopment agencies, but it was not our intention to completely shut down local economic development and affordable housing efforts forever,” says Solorio. “There are many communities in California, including my Central Orange County district, that have a huge need for affordable family housing and job creation tools. Those types of projects should continue.”

SB 659, authored by Senator Alex Padilla and co-authored by Senator Ed Hernández and Assemblyman Solorio, would extend the February 1, 2012 deadline imposed by the California Supreme Court for redevelopment agencies to shut down operations throughout California. SB 654, authored by Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg, is a bill intended to preserve the roughly $2 billion in low and moderate income housing funds maintained by redevelopment agencies and allow them to continue to be used for affordable housing. Other bills may soon surface to address the void left by redevelopment agencies, including possibilities to provide cities and counties with new economic development, infrastructure and job creation tools.

“We need time to create new instruments for local governments to provide quality affordable housing for our residents,” Solorio said. “And economic development programs generate jobs. As we try to recover from this great recession, now is not the time to walk away from solid projects that have been years in the making.”

Authorized by law since 1945, redevelopment agencies have been responsible for many economic development success stories throughout the state.

State Assemblyman Jose Solorio is the Chair of the Assembly Insurance Committee and also serves on the Assembly Appropriations and Transportation committees. He represents the Sixty-Ninth Assembly District, which includes the cities of Anaheim, Garden Grove, and Santa Ana. For more information about Assemblyman Solorio, visit

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5 thoughts on “Solorio tries to slow the demise of redevelopment agencies”
  1. Admin. I have a solution to affordable housing. Stop having F-ing babies! Not that there is anything wrong with babies. I spend my after school hours all the time taking care of babies. I love them adorable babies and I can only take care of so many at one time. Them babies need some quality time. Unless you are going to pump out more teachers and more natural resources and support a FABULOUS “socialistic” (non-libertarian b.s.) health care plan, stop promoting pseudo- religious anti-responsibility, ultra denial spoooooo. Merry Xmas! Jesus was born in March. I will celebrate with you! and not even make anymore christian babies. YAHOOOOO.

  2. Onanymous,

    Your argument is well taken however the procreation is a function of survival rather than restrain.

    In contrast an “affordable housing” is politicians ploy.

    Admin must yet answer my question: Starting 2002, please provide addresses of an affordable housing in Santa Ana its cost or rent and who lives in it.


  3. Didn’t the Democrats learn the first time when they gave Republicans the cash cow known as redevelopment agencies? This must be Shorty Solorio’s swan song. He never had a piece of legislation that was worth a crap during his entire tenure. Now he proposes more drain on the economy to allow Republicans to enrich their business cronies lives. Redevelopment has ruined families and homes, destroyed property and generated millions in consultant fees for Republican’s cronies. He won’t have any trouble getting these bills through because Republicans love corporate welfare. Way to go, Jose.

  4. This guy is another empty suit just like his pal Tom daly. There agencies are just slush funds for the cities and the county. They plug their over spending by borrowing or raiding these funds. Just like Tom daly raids his 12d fund to cover his overspending. Get rid of these agencies and obscure funds and these empty suits to either spend within their budgets or cut costs.

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