Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

A brave young man named Ángel Juárez, of CopWatch Santa Ana, showed up near a Santa Ana school on Dec. 18, with a video camera after reports had come his way that a local Santa Ana school policeman was harassing young Latinos.  Sure enough the police officer pulled over a car and the cameraman began filming the action.

The police officer quickly called in backup and it got ugly.  The other police officers kept asking why the young man was in front of a school with a camera when it was pretty obvious he was there to catch a harassing cop in action.

There were five cops at the scene before long and they were all very intimidating as you will see in the video above.  The cameraman and his friends were ultimately detained for “suspicious activity” and searched, over their objections.

The officers then took pictures of these young men and warned them not to trespass again.  These young men are now organizing the community to stand up against these policemen.

Why in the world did the police react this way?  Have they no clue?

Let me tell you that I have good relationships with the police but they were very angry one night when I showed up to check out a DUI checkpoint.  I took video and shot pictures and they did the same to me.  I had every right to be there but they didn’t like it.  I came to find out that the DUI checkpoints in our town are nothing more than a scheme to pay massive overtime to cops.  They rarely catch any drunk drivers that way.  They more often harass immigrants and take their cars away.

Santa Ana police better get a clue and quickly.  We live in an era of social media.  Misbehaving cops cannot hide behind their badges anymore.  This video is about to to viral…

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17 thoughts on “Shocking video – Santa Ana school police caught red-handed”
  1. I admire the courage of this young man. This is the tip of the iceberg I”m afraid. I hope the D.A. looks into these rogue cops.

      1. In the video the school cops where not acting like bullies, just dealing with a name calling jerk.

        You know that after the shooting at the school in Conn. Cops and school cops are looking at suspicious activities and individual a lot closer now.

        Why was the camera man at the school in the first place? Does he live in the area? What about the driver of the car, why was she there? This day was the last day of school before the x-mas break.

          1. Reap what you sow.

            The cameraman was disrespectful and interfered with the school cops duties.

          2. How can you have a civil conversation with somebody calling you “pathetic” and a “pig”.

            In order to gain any support against cops who are abusing power, you have to be the better person and be respectfull. It will help your cause.

            Ángel Juárez is a detriment to groups trying to fight police harassment.

  2. Just who exactly becomes a “school policeman” anyway? What kind of person? Are these Mall Cops from some strip center on South Bristol that couldn’t make it and got hired by SAUSD? The whole SAUSD school police force is a joke. I have more respect for the security guy who opens the door for me at the bank each day.

    Wouldn’t you hate to have your son or daughter run into these Bozos?

    I’m so thankful that there are brave young people with cameras out there taking these goofball cops to task. This situation could have turned into Santa Ana’s own Kelly Thomas incident.

  3. “The cameraman is a punk! Calling our Officers Pigs”

    No, the cameraman is a hero, willing to risk beatings and jail time to stand up for someones daughter sitting on a curb being harrassed by some glorified security guard with a gun. Should he have used less colorful language to address him? Sure. But being bullied by some mini-me cop with a badge will bring out a little frustration.

    P.S. Why is it that most of these “Policemen” are almost always 5 feet 5 inches or shorter? If they required them all to be at least 6 feet tall they would eliminate a lot of these knuckleheads.

    1. “No, the cameraman is a hero, willing to risk beatings and jail time” Power to the People says:

      Risk Jail Time? So, Power to the People, you believe that the camara man was commiting a crime?

  4. You don’t have to commit a crime to get arrested Mr. Cook. Mall Cops with guns can do as they please.

  5. Angel Juarez you are an undeducated nuisance to society. If you want to gain respect for your cause you might want to inform yourself. I get the impression you have your own agenda and it isn’t about educating people, it’s about getting your name and face in the news.

    1. Shut up, copper! When you see a camera, just continue doing your job…. Why do you have to freak out? Hiding something? PIGS!

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