Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Michele Martinez and her pals

Martinez left early tonight.  Perhaps she had a party to get to?

Mission accomplished!  So many fans of Santa Ana City Manager Paul Walters showed up at tonight’s Santa Ana City Council meeting that Council Members Michele Martinez and Roman Reyna got up and fled the meeting early, breaking quorum and rendering the meeting useless, as Council Member David Benavides was in Mexico and new Council Member Angelica Amezcua was a no-show again.

Martinez has been pestering Walters for years – accusing him of arresting her half brother when she ran for Santa Ana Mayor.  That is of course total BS as her half-brother has a different name and he was arrested for legitimate reasons – busting parole.  This year Martinez has taken her battle to another level – calling for Walters’ dismissal even though he saved our city from a budget disaster last year.

Roman Reyna, Eraserhead

Roman “Eraserhead” Reyna couldn’t take the pressure tonight!

For Martinez and Reyna to rudely run for the hills and in so doing ensure that the Council could not vote on city business is beyond shameful!  I am told that Martinez wouldn’t even look the public speakers in the eye – and she refused to vote on city business – leaving the meeting on purpose so as to hamstring the Council.

Reyna just got elected, barely, and Martinez didn’t face an opponent in her last election.  Tonight they showed us their true lame colors.  As for their erstwhile allies – Council Members Vince Sarmiento and Sal Tinajero, they sat stone-faced tonight, angry and embarrassed.  Don’t they realize that Martinez is bringing them all down?

Sal Tinajero 9.6

Is Tinajero beginning to regret partnering with Martinez and Benavides?

The whole Council majority got ripped by the speakers tonight – and they had it coming.  Perhaps now they will stop messing around with Walters and get back to the city’s business.

And they better stop attacking Mayor Miguel Pulido too.  He recalled Nativo Lopez and I bet he could recall these fools too.  They need to be adults and stop their incessant whining.  In two years Martinez, Tinajero and Benavides are going to have to face the voters again.  If they keep this behavior up they will be toast in 2014!

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22 thoughts on “Martinez and Reyna flee the Council meeting early to escape Walters’ fans”
  1. Thanks for the update Art. Sounds like the Gang of 5 got served a big old can of Woop A@# tonight! What a bunch of cowards.

  2. I think people should start sending buckets to Michele at City Hall.

    Instead of using them for her colonic cleansings she can use them to vomit in when she finally realizes her political career is OVER and she is an embarrassment to her raza.

  3. Reyna returned to the council after a half hour constipation bout-break. So I would assume that they were able to conduct their business voting after all.
    Tonight’s council meeting was surreal!
    The enigmatic Santa Ana Springsters did not impress the Santa Ana Occupiers at all. What was their M.O.?
    Santa Ana is still asking the same question?
    Why did they want to get rid of Walters with out having the courage to share with the public exactly why?
    Pulido’s Dictator theater of force was funny. Beyond Irony.
    Some of us are starting to think that they are all compromised puppets of the police apparatus. That’s a shame.

    1. I’ve been saying that for awhile. The Santa Ana Spring was a fraud. These people are power hungry egomaniacs. They don’t represent change at all.

      They’ve now dug themselves a very large hole. What will they do next?

      As for the cops, check out my post about the Santa Ana School Police. No bueno!

  4. I did check out your piece about the cops.
    Looks like too many cops with too much time on their hands. Don’t they have gangbangers to pursue instead of chicas in red sports cars?

  5. “The enigmatic Santa Ana Springsters did not impress the Santa Ana Occupiers at all”…….. Hmmmmmm

    I did not see any occupiers there yesterday!

    As I have said before, fixing the Santa Ana problems requires the BK so if the Springsters can accomplished that they have my support.

  6. The people at the meeting last night were clearly asked to be there by Mr Pulido, and like always they listened. The public is only aware of what is going on with Walters because of bias media outlets. I don’t think it’s fair for our residents to have half of a chief of police and half of a city manager. This issue needs to be addressed and as long as Pulido keeps his public forum games we will never have a full time Chief or City manager.

    1. No, they are aware because we broke the story. The media piled on afterwards. The fake Santa Ana Spring tried to cover all this up and do it in the shadows. Nice transparency there, not!

      Walters is no longer the Chief of Police, Carlos Rojas has that role. Walters is not paid to be our Police Commissioner but he does it and we are the better for it.

      Pulido has one vote on the Council but what he also has is the support of the public. No one on this lame Council has a mandate.

  7. Michele’s ignorance toward the people was amazing! I watched her as she looked on with disdain towards the residents speaking.

    As for Roman, I don’t think he even knew what he was doing there. He looked like a scared High School kid.

    A couple of things come to mind:

    1) Francisco Barragan is an incredibly poor public speaker. Maybe he was off last night. but he had trouble stringing a sentence together. Note to Pancho: avoid big words. I know you to be much smarter than you came across. Watch the replay it is painful.

    2) The support for Walters crossed the spectrum of residents.

    3) Renya didn’t even have the courage to speak up after ward.

    4) Is Emily benavides in Mexico also, someone should call the school. David had to know that a regularlt scheduled meeting was on the docket. If getting off to a good start was important, why miss it?

    5) Patrick Kelley and Molly Doughty hit it spot on.

    More soon.

  8. Stanley, the Occupiers do not come with tents anymore.
    Just critical eyes,ears and voices.
    Some of them liked your speech about the people’s need for arms to protect themselves from the government.
    Personally, I think the Oath Keepers perform a valuable service.

    1. “the Occupiers do not come with tents anymore”……. Hmmmmmmm

      They should at least came with T-shirt – Teo

      Unfortunately, the punch line in my speech did not came so clear because I had to cut it short due to the time limit.

      I was trying to show that if the council’s majority, aka bolsheviks in Russian language, can engage in the coup d’état to oust only WHITE man with a power in the Santa Ana government, the other governments with more power can actually do some evil.

      It was for that purpose why founders put 2nd amendment in as is clearly apparent from theirs debates.

      Obviously, the socialists change the 2nd to a permit to bare hunting rifle with one bullet and Pulido was echoing such left-liberal-talking-point-crapola, on the TV in front of the old courthouse the other day.

      So the summary of my speech was: If your government can go National Socialist supported by the Workers Party (unions) Pulido, we can have at any time Democrats supported by public unions communists and Occupiers reenacting 1936 Germany so the people will need automatic weapons with large magazines to put them in the right place.

        1. ——– Original Message ——–
          Subject: Stanislav Fiala is asking: Do we need 2nd amendment?
          Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2013 23:22:28 -0800
          From: Standa
          CC: Pulido Miguel, Walters Paul, Sarmiento Vincent, Benavides David, Martinez Michele, Tinajero Sal

          Hi Miguel and Pall,

          Next time you are asked in front of the old Santa Ana Court House about your opinion on the 2nd amendment make sure that you have seen this flick!

          They do not teach this in your affirmative education which you have all received from the Democrats.


  9. Take a look at this old campaign “ad” for Martinez. Talk about a broken campaign promise! She’s now running AWAY from constituants.

    Lots more that her hair style has changed she Michele first got elected. Vendida!


  10. Since the politicians are insecure egoists they need to be constantly living in a fear of not to be reelected.

    Therefore, I am toying with an idea to organize the Antireelectionist Party in the spirit of 33rd President of Mexico, Francisco I. Madero who won his presidency with motto: “Sufragio efectivo, no reelección”

    Who would join me to do a trial in the Santa Ana by wearing the T-Shirts to the meetings with a sign.

    Effective suffrage no reelection
    Sufragio efectivo, no reelección

  11. I some some guy in Dental Office scubs buying a calling card for MEXICO on Fourth Street today:

    “Hello, Pablo…err David”


    “You won’t believe this! A bunch of people showed up at the meeting you ditched, and boy were they pissed”.

    “Whaddaya mean??

    “It was so bad, Michele got scared and ran away, without even a peep, and ROman looked like he could have used a diaper, he was shaking”

    (From the background barely coherent drunken female): “Pablo, come on mijo, show me that (unintelligeable)”

    “Hey, Hey David, are you listeneing, your plan is crumbling, even Sal looked worried, We’re in big trouble man. My wife needs a new Horse……”

    “What, your wife is a what?? Que?”

    “No no you dummy. Nevermind. just get on that Greyhound or La Estrella or whatever, and leave that hooker behind, I had enough trouble carry water for you last time”

    “I’m sorry. See you later Doc”.

  12. I just read the OC Register piece on the allegation of leaked information from a closed door session and in it, Mayor Puilido flatly denied violating the law.

    However, did anybody else take note that Mayor pro-tem, Sal Tinero admitted having discussions with people who were alleged to have been called by the Mayor. Wouldn’t admittedly discussing the Mayor’s alleged calls and the alleged purpose of the call violate the closed door policy in itself.?

    Simply, if a constituents calls to tell you some gossip and you admittently discuss with “several individuals” the mayor’s alledged actions(confirming specifics of the closed door session) then wouldn’t that be a viloation of the closed door meeting law. Next time Sal say “no comment”,refer them to the city attorney and hang up the call.

    Moreover, Sal and Michelle previously stated in the media that this closed door session was a evaluation and not a firing so even if Francisco B. heard the two words “fire” and ” Walters” that certainly not the specifics of the meeting, as both councilwoman michelle and soon to be recalled Sal said the meeting was an evaluation meeting.

    Lastly, I’m going to try to be as kind as possible but rarely have I seen Francisco in a receptive posture where he would be able to eavesdrop on a conversation.. He is always talking, even when others are talking.

  13. As far as the PD of Santa Ana, well only one could imagine. You could find them at their headquarters at the bagel shop on 17th and Tustin ave. I found more guns at this place than at their station…. Taxpayers money at coffee and bagels (discount please)

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