Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Pictured: Roman Reyna and Carlos Bustamante

SAUSD Trustee Roman Reyna has confirmed on this Facebook page that he is running for the Santa Ana City Council, again, this November.  Reyna will be a candidate for Ward 5, which is currently held by Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez.  She is termed out however a lawsuit filed by Santa Ana Parks and Rec Commissioner Max Madrid is seeking to compel the Santa Ana City Clerk to issue nomination papers to Alvarez, on the grounds that Measure D, which extended Council terms, reset the term limit clock for Alvarez. If Madrid’s lawsuit prevails Reyna will have to face off against Alvarez – again.  She already beat him once, back in 2004.  In that race Alvarez got over 26,500 votes while Reyna got only 10,720 votes, according to Smart Voter.

Reyna attended both Fremont Elementary School and Santa Ana High School, according to his SAUSD School Board bio.  He is working towards a bachelor’s degree in Youth Development from Springfield College in Los Angeles, Calif.  He was elected to the SAUSD School Board in 2008, and is now walking away from the board after serving only one term.

Reyna is a youth program director at the YMCA of Orange County.  He previously worked at the Santa Ana Boys and Girls Club.

Pictured: Roman Reyna and David Benavides

Reyna is closely allied with Santa Ana Council Member David Benavides, who lately has been one of Council Member Carlos Bustamante’s only defenders.  Bustamante was recently charged with a number of felony sex crimes and public theft charges.

While Alvarez’ critics are celebrating Reyna’s entry into the race for Ward 5 they should do so with caution.  He is also closely allied with Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, who is also backing former Santa Ana Council Member Brett Franklin, in Ward 3.  If Franklin and Reyna prevail, they will combine with Pulido and Benavides and form a conservative Council majority.

Santa Ana property manager Karina Onofre, a Republican convert, is also running for Ward 5.

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19 thoughts on “SAUSD Trustee Roman Reyna will run for the Santa Ana City Council”
  1. Springfield College? Where in L.A. is that school? Is that another UEI OR American Career school?

    I hear he’s been hanging around the 8th floor at City Hall. Looks like Pulido may get control of the Council again.

    How is it that the current Council always believe Pulido’s empty promises. Sure he promised to help Michele with her Assembly race; all she got was an endorsement. Rumor has it he promised to help Claudia fight to run for council again; it doesn’t look good for her. She may be at the end of her political career.

    What a bunch of pendejos.

  2. I have to give it to Pulido for being very clever. He’s just like a Mosquita Muerta. Just when the Council think he’s dead, the cabron makes a move.

    Ah hahahahahha! Pendejos.

  3. Its great to see someone with a passion to make a difference in the city of Santa Ana running for city council. I’ve known Roman for a long time and there is no doubt in my mind he will do great.

  4. He is a nice, but is that enough to elect him to be a city council?? He is hungry and uneducated. Do we really need another puppet for Pulido?? I agree, If pulido helps Roman wins, Pulido will have full control of the council, so he can keep his unlimited terms and get richer and richer. We need a change, we need an outsider who can stand up for pullido and these guys and get Santa Ana City Hall dignity back, someone who is fresh and has not been corrupted. Roman is friends with city council members, he will be part of the problem. Is that what we want to bring ethics back to City Hall?

  5. Roman is hungry,and not very bright and Pulido will throw some bones at him to control and keep him quiet.
    Man!! it like the Mafia Lol!!!

  6. Mr. Reyna you got my vote. Roman is a very bright and smart yes he is hungry to help his community which he has lived in his whole life. I have never seen anyone else run for a political office that has served his community more than Mr. Reyna. He is the kind of person we need on the city council that will work to improve the city. Change is good.

    1. Roman should win easily. He put up with a lot of BS on the School Board, from Nokia and Hernández. I’m sure he Ian pleased to be leaving them behind.

  7. I see Mr. Reyna at alot of City Events especially for the youth and in those two pictures that were posted to seem negative on the positive side there he is again at another meeting what dedication.

    1. That was a Benavides fundraiser. Sadly, Benavides allowed himself to be sullied by his longtime friendship with Carlos Bustamante, and Reyna got sucked into that mess. They both need to stay away from Bustamante.

  8. Sounds like Reyna never had a backbone and could never stand tall in SAUSD. Why would you vote for a guy who can’t stand for himself. I have to agree with others, he sounds hungry but lacks life experience and education. He needs to finish his schooling.

  9. I am lucky to be able to call Roman Reyna my longtime mentor and friend ever since I met him as my YMCA Youth and Government advisor at Saddleback High School.

    Roman is the most genuine and caring role model I had growing up. I was ecstatic when I learned that my younger brother was taken under his mentorship as well. But the truth is that we are not special cases, Roman constantly goes out of his way to mentor, challenge, and inspire the youth of Santa Ana at every chance he gets because he cares about this city’s future.

    Roman was born in Santa Ana. He grew up in our neighborhoods and he attended our schools; it is no wonder why he works passionately to make Santa Ana a better place. Roman understands and has experienced firsthand the issues that hold Santa Ana residents back.

    Today I wholeheartedly support Roman in his run for the Santa Ana City Council, confident that he will passionately fight for what’s best for the people of Santa Ana!

    If you can vote this November I urge you to do so for Roman Reyna!

  10. I met Roman last week, he seems like a good man. My only concern is why did he get fired from YMCA and why does he like to hang around little boys too much. Michael Jackson was the same way and we know where that took us. Is there something we don’t know about Mr. Reyna??

  11. This guy is not ethical, or clean, He sends his BOYS to take off the signs of his only opponent. Can we trust him to be ethical and clean when it comes to the city of Santa Ana issues??? He already failed at his new position as trustee, the school system is failing, and we put people like him in the school board when he doesn’t have college degree or any kids of his own. His decisions affect our kids. How can we trust him to make decisions for our kids? Let alone the entire city??

  12. What bothers me about Reyna is that just two years ago he came to our club meeting and said,

    “I”m running for School Board because I like kids and I want to help kids and kids are where my heart is and I want to make an impact in the lives of kids”

    What has changed in just two years? Does anyone think the Santa Ana school district is better now? Seems like he caught the Political Bug as so many of them do, and he wants to move up and out of Santa Ana. What about the kids Roman?

  13. Also, why is it that Roman refused to allow his YMCA employment file to be released to the press? What is Roman hiding?

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