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Rob Richardson at the Fiestas Patrias Parade

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 12th, 2014

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Santa Ana School Board Clerk Rob Richardson Endorses Rigo Rodríguez for School Board

(Santa Ana) – Santa Ana School Board Clerk Rob Richardson announced his endorsement of Dr. Rigo Rodríguez for Santa Ana School Board today.

Richardson stated: “As an educator and active community member, Rigo Rodríguez has dedicated his career to strengthening the Santa Ana community through education. As a School Board member, Dr. Rodríguez will continue to lead efforts to improve schools for our children. He will fight for what is best for our students, I have confidence in him to lead our District forward.”

Rob Richardson has been a longtime leader in the Santa Ana community. He served on the Santa Ana School Board from 1987-1990, after which he served as a Councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem for eight years. In 2003, Richardson returned to the School Board where he served another five years as President working to improve the quality of education in Santa Ana and he continues on the Board. He currently serves as an administrator for the County of Orange.

“I’m humbled by the generous and supportive comments Rob Richardson made today,” Rodríguez said. “Rob has been a truly influential member within our community and our School District. If elected, I look forward to working with Rob to move our District forward. His confidence and faith in my ability to improve the District is an expectation I proudly look to fulfill.”

Dr. Rigoberto (Rigo) Rodríguez is an educator, small business owner, and respected Santa Ana community advocate. The son of an immigrant family, he serves as an Associate Professor at CSU Long Beach, President of the INNOVA Group, Inc., and Senior Associate for the Center for the Study of Social Policy. Rigo is a current member of the Board of Trustees for the Delhi Community Center in Santa Ana, and previously served on the City of Santa Ana’s Community Redevelopment and Housing Commission and Planning Commission. Rigo and his wife, Rosalba Hernández, live in Santa Ana with their three children, Nadya, Emilio, and Katya.


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6 thoughts on “SAUSD School Board Clerk Rob Richardson endorses Rigo Rodríguez for the School Board”
  1. More qualified than Shuntele Andrews…a product of Santa Ana schools and a SAUSD high school History teacher for 30 + years? ?????

  2. It saddens me to know that the SAUSD endorses someone who has really NO communication with THE SANTA ANA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT schools/students and MOST importantly PARENTS! Who better than a woman who has SPENT her life educating students in OUR DISTRICT? A woman who LOVES TEACHING AND helping students get the education they deserve. I had Ms. Andrews in my sophomore year(2010-2011) at Valley High. I saw her dedication towards us. I remember when we had the after school tutoring at Valley and remember seeing Ms. Andrews RUNNING and stopping EVERY student she saw so she could check their tutoring card and ESCORT them to the tutoring room if they had been signed up. I mean who does that? I’ll tell you who….”SHUNTELE ANDREWS”! I ask the SAUSD members to not let their “FRIENDSHIP” control their way of thinking. You, parents and the community KNOW that Ms. Andrews is a great CANDIDATE! I vote yes to “Shuntele Andrews”!

  3. There were many things I would’ve loved for the SAUSD to change during my school years yet it never happened. Which is something I don’t want my siblings to go through, therefore I am no longer depending on hope or faith. I am going with evidence which is why I will vote for Ms. Shuntele Andrews! A person who has shown her hard, dedicated work, along with her passion for education, kindness, and love for students. She wasn’t just a teacher I had my freshman year; she became a friend. A friend that I felt enough trust to go back and ask her for help regarding how to get into college and work wise. I can guarantee you that I am not the only former student of hers that feel this way. We all feel the same way because that’s what she showed ALL of her students! Ms. Shuntele Andrews can count with my vote along with all the family Cruz Rodriguez!!!!

  4. UPDATE!! Rob Richardson is also endorsing Shuntele Andrews for SAUSD school board!!! Thank you Rob for supporting the BEST candidate for our district and most of all for our students!!!

    1. The challenge is on for the rest of the Board to endorse Shuntele Andrews, the woman who was trusted enough to educate our children for over thirty years. I encourage all, but especially Dr. Nogi and Mr. Hernandez to check out what former students have to say about Ms. Andrews.

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