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Santa Ana safe city

The City of Santa Ana has been named #10 on the “Top 10 National Burglary Safezones” list by a national home security company, Protect America. Santa Ana made their Top 10 List for small cities.

Protect America’s research team divided all US cities into categories based on size (small, medium, large) Santa Ana fell into the “small cities edition”, which covers cities with populations between 100,000 and 500,000 people. Protect America then analyzed burglary statistics provided by the FBI to determine what cities have the lowest burglary rates.  Santa Ana reported a population of 332,848 last year and 803 burglaries.

But is this true for 2015?  Protect America used data from last year.

This year has seen crime rise considerably in Santa Ana.  There were in fact 2.1 Commercial and Residential Burglaries in Santa Ana from 8/10/2015 – 8/16/2015, according to  There were also 25 Vehicle Thefts reported in Santa Ana this week as well as 9 robberies, 41 Petty Thefts, and 11 Thefts from Vehicles.

Do you feel safe in Santa Ana?

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2 thoughts on “Santa Ana named to the Top 10 National Burglary Safezones list”
  1. HA HA HA HA HA HA!! What a joke!!! Residential burglaries have been going up for the last year in part thanks to the stupid proposition 47……..A lot of felony crimes (i.e. possession of cocaine, meth and heroin) are now misdemeanors so probationers and parolees get a ticket and go on…..Eventually because they are only misdemeanors these parolees get discharged and stop being supervised. Where do you think these drug users get money to buy dope? From the property they steal from residents. Call SAPD burglary section and ask them about the percentage of burglaries.

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