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Vista Heritage Charter School

The Orange County Board of Education recently approved a petition to open a new charter school in Santa Ana, called the Vista Heritage Charter Middle School (VHCMS ). The details are pending negotiations with the OCBE but this looks like a done deal, according to the O.C. Register.

The board’s decision came after a petition from VHCMS was turned down by the Santa Ana Unified School District on a 4-1 vote in November. The O.C. board members overturned that decision by a 5-0 vote.

The OCBE is comprised of five Republicans.  The SAUSD School Board has two Republicans but only one of them, Ceci Iglesias, supports charter schools.

Here is VHCMS’ Mission Statement:

The mission of VISTA is to create a learning environment that allows students to have power
in developing their identity within personal, interpersonal and educational realms. We provide a quality education for all students, by creating a learning community that involves students in their development of the knowledge, skills, attitude, behaviors, aspirations, and beliefs needed to be successful academically and possess life long learning skills.

Student success in the middle grades is critical to success in high school, college, and future careers. Unfortunately, many characteristics of our current system of middle school education are an ill fit to the academic, psychological and social needs of adolescent students. Many of our middle schools, being overcrowded and impersonal, are not conducive to the development of the whole child during this critical phase of identity development. Depending on what happens during the middle grades, students may become discouraged and give up, or they may be inspired to become adaptable and confident lifelong learners. With the latter being our goal, we believe that in order to produce such individuals, we must rouse students to view themselves as having the power to influence their own growth and achieve their desired futures. Nurturing students’ ability to influence their own development requires an environment that, not only provides academic rigor, but also specifically promotes personal and social skills, such as, effective communication, conflict resolution, metacognition, decision-making, and reflection.

We believe that children have the power to control their learning and surmount challenges due to poverty and second language learning, by providing a learning environment that focuses on developing deeper understandings through problem solving, real life applications and prompt interventions. VISTA students will practice, reflect and learn by setting short-term and long-term personal learning goals, building metacognition of their own development, and making decisions as to what steps they need to take in order to achieve those goals.

The school’s structures and processes (e.g. classrooms, guidance conferences, focus periods) will promote rigorous study with individualized support for all students. Through this individualized focus, VISTA will provide all students, (whether gifted, learning disabled, English Language Learner, minority, etc.) a differentiated learning environment which allows for a spectrum of practices, ranging from remedial to accelerated learning opportunities.

Click here to check out this charter schools’ online school accountability report.

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5 thoughts on “Santa Ana is getting a new charter middle school this year”
  1. The timing is interesting. As you know the effort to convert Anaheim’s Palm Lane ES to ter status is a hot topic. SO hot that Assembly candida has entered the fray, even though he SWORE he lives in Santa Ana??????

    Remember back in 1999 when some rich Floral Park Mom Cynthia Criollis decided to start El SOL? She got Jane Laguna, Lou Correa, Miguel Pulido, Kim Gerda, the Gee’s and the other doo gooders to join up in this GRAND social experiment………..

    Well six months later, Gee (who was a principal in OUSD), Pulido, Gerda were back at Santiago licking Linda Bell’s shiny heels. Imagine that, the Voice Of OC pretty boy parents could not make an important decision regarding their childs education!

    Those parents who remained, their children poor English challenged immigrants suffer the consequences. EL SOL has largely recovered and is on par to be a 600 API school.

    Neither could the Mayor, future assemblyman, teacher and slave to Rob Richardson (Laguna’s). That’s because these moron’s listened to the crazy lady who thought she could do better than SAUSD.

    That was in 1999. Today, I would no sooner send my school to Santa Ana public schools than I would eat my left foot. I watch as Valerie Amezcua wants to institute “Social Justice” and “Restorative Justice”. Ignoring the fact that 75% of the districts students can’t read or add.


  2. Mike, Father Hollywood called, he and Monsignor Urell are cleaning the ashes of of young boys head with some kind of “Holy Fluid”. They wanted you to help contribute for the room!


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