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Have Santa Ana’s “Usual Suspects” found their candidate for Mayor of Santa Ana?  Charles Hart, a resident of the same Riverview Neighborhood where Julie and Glen Stroud live, has announced that he is running for Mayor of Santa Ana, against incumbent Miguel Pulido.  Here are a few excerpts from his press release, which he released on Facebook:

Hart, who lives in Santa Ana with his wife, three children, and mother, is running for office to improve the safety, quality of education, and economic climate of the city of Santa Ana. His mission is three-fold: shut down the gangs in Santa Ana, improve the area schools, and create a more business-friendly environment, thereby decreasing the unemployment rate in the city.

“I was born and raised in Santa Ana and I remember what Santa Ana was like when the streets were safe enough for kids to play on, our downtown was a fun place for families to visit and shop on the weekend, and the schools were considered a great place to get a good education,” Hart said. “I am running for Mayor to help restore Santa Ana to its greatness.”

But who really is Charles Hart?  Looking for answers I headed over to his personal Facebook page.  There I found that his friends include Latino basher Bill Hunt, who was royally defeated by Sheriff Sandra Hutchens in the recent primary election.  Hart is also friends with Mexican-basher Allan Mansoor, the Mayor of Costa Mesa and Republican candidate for the 68th Assembly District.

Yes, I did check Hart’s voter registration.  He is a Republican.  His wife Ronea is a member of the Reform Party, which I didn’t even know was still around!

Hart has a campaign blog, with one post, and a campaign website, plus a campaign Facebook page and a Twitter page.  But he also has another blog – which you can read by clicking here, called “Conservative HARTbeat.”  That blog is full of attacks on President Barack Obama.  Hart also attacked Republican Assemblyman Chris Norby, which is odd.

Hart’s wife Ronea also has a blog.  She is not a fan of Obama’s Health Care Reform.

As for Hart, he says he wants to create a business-friendly environment, but he is a government worker, at the County of Orange’s Health Care Agency.  He is also “active in the Orange County Health Care Labor Management Committee, where he serves as the chairperson of the Communications sub-committee.”  That means he is a labor guy, which is odd given that he is a Republican.

According to his bio, “Hart began his public service career seven years ago with the county at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department where he would work closely with law enforcement officers and agents in gathering confidential information, and acting as a liaison between the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and external organizations and the public by facilitating responses for internal and external requests and subpoenas for information.”  Not sure what the heck that all means!

And from his political blog bio, “Charles has been politically active since he was in high school, and is committed to promoting values and polices that build and protect the liberties that only Americans enjoy.”

Perhaps the funniest statements made by Hart are his “values,” as expressed on his website.  They include this gem – “The government works for me. I do not answer to them, they answer to me.”  But this guy works for the government – which means he works for us, the taxpayers!

And Hart cites his 12 Values – but then goes on to note only 11 values.  Perhaps he is counting “Personal Responsibility” as two values as that phrase consists of two words?

Hart also has an “issues” page on his website.  There he offers the typical GOP party line about immigration, and he says that he is against the “Transit Line” because he opposes high speed rail.  Is he talking about Santa Ana’s proposed street car?  That certainly is no high speed rail!

Hart’s press release says he is not taking interviews until after August 1, as he is studying for the California Bar Exam.  Well I hope for his sake that he passes the exam.  Failing it would be a heck of a way to start his campaign for Mayor…

Hart’s campaign kickoff is scheduled on August 5, at 5:30 pm, at Jason’s Downtown, located at 416 W 4th street, Santa Ana.

To register by July 30 or learn more information about the event, go to  Click here to email Hart.

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4 thoughts on “Republican Charles Hart announces his campaign for Mayor of Santa Ana”
  1. I hope he passes the bar… I’ll feel really bad if he doesn’t ! But it will be funny !!

  2. God love him for trying!

    You have a School System feeding off federal money!
    A population straight from the Mexican and Central American Barrios!
    A massive amount of single parents and welfare recipients including children having children.
    A police brass that know’s who the criminals are but would rather council them instead of arresting them!
    And liberal action groups like the ACLU stopping any type of real progress of getting the place in order!
    In general a city of another nations poor and uneducated living and existing within the border of the United States!

    Good luck!

    We can only hope the federal Judge in Arizona has more concern for her country and a willingness to abide by the laws of the country than Santa Ana’s brass!

  3. Hart sounds like just what SanTana needs – someone who will tell it like it is and actually tackle the problems dragging SanTana down and keeping it in the absolute gutter.

  4. Thanks for the info. He seems like my kinda guy. Anyone who supported 2nd amendment defender Bill Hunt, and who opposes the Bamster, aka President Obama, has my vote.

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