Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido announced today that he has been endorsed by the Orange County Attorneys Association for his campaign effort to be elected to the Orange County Board of Supervisors. The organization, which includes Orange County’s Deputy District Attorneys, represents over 500 attorneys employed by the County of Orange, including those employed by the DA, County Counsel, Public Defender, Alternate Defender, Associate Defender, and Child Support Services.

“We are proud to endorse Mayor Pulido for County Supervisor,” said Orange County Attorney Association President Mena Guirguis. “He has an excellent record of achievement as Mayor of Santa Ana and we believe he will add a lot to our County Board of Supervisors.”

“I am excited to add the support of the Orange County Attorneys Association to my effort for County Supervisor,” said Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido. “Their extensive knowledge, expertise, experience, and hard work are vital to our District Attorney, Public Defender, and other county agency offices. I look forward to working with them after my election to the Board.”

Miguel Pulido was first elected to the Santa Ana City Council in 1986 and is presently serving his 13th term as Mayor, a post he has successfully held since 1994. Under his leadership he has made Public Safety the City’s #1 priority, leading the charge to hire more police officers, crack down on gangs, expand community policing, increase the use of crime fighting technology, and help solve the city’s homeless issue. Crime in Santa Ana is now at its lowest level since the early 1960’s.

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  1. Why… I live in Santa Ana and it is a complete sh*t show with the homeless and illegal gambling locations…

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