Thu. Jan 26th, 2023

Bill Hunt, a private investigator running for Orange County Sheriff, is holding a fundraiser tonight, at 7 pm, at Original Mike’s, in Santa Ana, located at 100 South Main St.  His guest of honor is corrupt, and racist, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Members of the Orange County Dream Team are going to protest the event, which is supposedly for lawmen only. 

Ironically the Santa Ana Police Department is also conducting a DUI checkpoint tonight, at 300 South Main St.  I wonder if they scheduled the checkpoint on purpose knowing Arpaio was going to be up the street?  What a convenient way to arrest any immigrants that show up to protest Arpaio!

Arpaio has been in the news this week as a supporter of the racist bill that the Arizona Governor signed into law today, allowing cops to arrest people because they appear to be immigrants.

Hunt, a Republican, is also allied with known racists Barbara Coe and Jim Gilchrist.

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2 thoughts on “Protest against corrupt AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Bill Hunt, tonight in Santa Ana”
  1. all illegal’s and their american soil born children need to be deported back home so they can go through the process appropriately. if they choose not to do that, then any costs that may incur…they’ll have to pay for, and they cannot apply for government funds in any manner. their children should not become citizens, yet purely stay the nationality that they are. why is this such a problem is beyond me…

  2. It blows me away that nobody ever steps back and asks why??? I watch cable news, i read newspapers, documentaries, hollywood films and no one ever seems to explore the WHY. Regardless of geography and history, why does a country rich in resources (both natural and human) has to export their most precious resource… (their people)
    I have done so without the luxury of a research department or a theory. Just asking why.

    Why would people skip the “legal process”? Because if you meet the requisites to migrate legally (money, money, money) you do not need to leave. Simple huh… You probably have an education, a pathway to a decent job directly or otherwise, and more importantly a future. You wouldn’t have to come here to landscape, construct, clean or wipe anyone’s baby’s ass.

    Why did migration explode after amnesty or better yet, after 94’s 187? The bottleneck effect, before that it was almost transactional that needed workers flowed back and forth, after that it was not economical to seasonally work and reenter. As single men found themselves without their wives and children, it became logical to send for them to join them. Don’t believe me, ask your historians.

    Why don’t Mexicans stay and change their government? This one perplexed me at first, it’s easy to blame the government. Until I read extensively the history. For matter of space and time, i’ll put it simple; NAFTA made a country that was 50% agriculture uncompetitive period. Never mind the oligopolies, monopolies or 500 years of colonialism, it just became unlivable to compete against subsidized American corn (simple example) The ruling class of Mexico are WHITE EUROPEANS – COLONIALISM…

    But we must defend against the violent southern border!!! Yes, we need to realize that the largest consuming market of illicit drugs has created a tragedy that common sense people will do anything and everything to escape. (there is enough here to write books) Simply put, we Americans fuel the greed/violence.

    Why would foreigners try and influence American policy? NAFTA was a Nixon era idea propelled by Republicans through the Reagan years. They recognized a need to cultivate a market to exploit. Fox was a president that was selected by multinational finance corporations; ie, citibank, bank of a, etc… don’t believe me? read up on IMF and worldbank history.

    there is so much more to the story, i would welcome anyone to ask why. If you don’t and simply think it’s justified; then I will simply respond you are nothing more than a racist. This country has always had them…

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