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Karina Onofre and Cecilia Iglesias

This was a news-packed year in Santa Ana – and women were a big part of many of our leading stories this year.   Now its time to pick our 2012 Woman of the Year.  Are you ready to vote?  You may vote for up to three candidates!  Please let me know if I overlooked someone who should be added to the poll.  Voting will close on Jan. 8, 2013.

Our nominees include popular politicians and community and education leaders, including Angelica Amezcua, the schoolteacher who came out of nowhere to win a seat on the Santa Ana City Councilp; Claudia Alvarez, who finished her last term as Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem and promptly got elected to the RSCCD Board of Trustees; Cecilia Iglesias, the newly minted Republican who ended up being the top vote-getter for the SAUSD School Board; and Delilah Snell, the creative mastermind of the Road Less Traveled and the Patchwork Festivals.

Here is our poll – be sure to vote for up to three candidates:

Congratulations to our poll winner – our readers have selected Alicia Rojas as our 2012 Santa Ana Woman of the Year!

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28 thoughts on “Poll: Who is Santa Ana’s 2012 Woman of the Year?”
  1. What about Nadia Maria Davis-Lockyer?

    Could you have a seperate catagory of “Mother of the Year”?

  2. Also, what about the Planning Commissioner/Chamber of Commerce gal with the funny business name who got the free jet ride to Hawaii so she could buy a discounted condo from Mike Harrah? Can we vote for her?

  3. That’s your description of a Hired Gun?
    Well at least she had unanimous support, which is more than you can say for 90% of the others on your list.

  4. Sonia worked on a policy for the city that ends up currently being one of the most progressive pieces of legislature in the Nation its called “Sunshine” what exactly have the others done that compare? Its is almost 2013 The world is changing. Wake up!

    1. She was just doing her job. And don’t you find it ironic that the proponents of the Sunshine Ordinance recently held a last minute closed door Council meeting, during a holiday week, knowing that new Council Member Angelica Amezcua was on vacation? If we hadn’t outed them they might have gotten away with it…

  5. Art, What about Adriana Bustamante for standing by her man, Councilman Carlos? For what she has gone through and what she will go through in the coming trial I think she should be woman of the year. I say any wife who sticks with Busty through 19 plus other women is worthy of some kind of award.

    1. She has surely suffered greatly. I suspect she is doing whatever she can to save her family. May God bless her and hopefully change Carlos’ ways…

  6. Another holiday favorite around my house is the 1972 classic, Deliverance with Jon Voight. We always watch it along with It’s a Wonderful life.

  7. Story says voting open until Jan 8 but there’s no way to vote for Woman of the Year. What’s up with that?

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