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A special crowdfunding campaign has been established to raise the $100,000 needed to fund this endeavor, with more than $26,000 already raised over the past six days.

Orange County, Calif. (September 25, 2014) – The Orange County Rescue Mission in partnership with the Inland Empire Rescue Mission is taking the art of coffee to whole new level, launching its very own brand of specialty coffee with a cause, Restoration Roasters.

The first specialty coffee from Restoration Roasters, appropriately named “Hand-Up” based on the organization’s commitment to providing “a hand-up, not a hand-out,” is now available for purchase online. 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of this coffee will be used to help homeless men, women, and children in the local community.

“Restoration Roasters was founded on the idea that the restorative process of the coffee bean mirrors that of a person in need becoming whole once more,” explained Jim Palmer, President of the Rescue Mission’s. “Coffee beans undergo a transformation in order to brew the perfect cup, just as the individuals and families living at the Rescue Mission’s transitional living facilities are going through their own restorative process. Based on this parallel, the launch of this new line of coffee products is a natural fit as we continue to help restore the lives of those in need in our community.”

According to Palmer, Restoration Roasters is a revolutionary way for people to help homeless individuals and families in our own communities.

“Many people already purchase a bag of coffee each week for their daily use,” explained Palmer. “We are now providing community members the opportunity to buy and enjoy their coffee with the added benefit of knowing they helped those in need.”

According to Palmer, the Recuse Mission is also seeking shelf space in local grocery stores and markets, which will allow Restoration Roasters to be sold locally and expand the brand’s reach and impact across Orange County and the Inland Empire.

Those interested in purchasing Restoration Roasters’ Hand-Up coffee can visit


In addition to the coffee’s availability online, the Rescue Mission has begun negotiations on a lease for a retail location and coffee shop, which will be operated by formerly homeless individuals who live at the Corona Norco Rescue Mission. The coffee shop will be located within the City of Corona.

According to Palmer, the Rescue Mission is conducting a crowdfunding campaign to help fund this new nonprofit venture, and a special online donation page has been set up through crowdsourcing website IndieGoGo.

Palmer explained, “Our goal is to reach $100,000 in donations in the next 24 days, which will fund the store’s coffee equipment, the build-out of the retail space and other startup costs associated with the venture.”

Palmer notes that since the campaign began 6 days ago, it has already raised more than $26,000.

Those who donate to the campaign are also eligible for donation perks depending on the amount they donate. For example, individuals who donate $5,000 to Restoration Roasters will receive a free beverage of their choice each day at the Restoration Roasters Cafe, every day for one whole year.

“Where else can you donate to help the homeless and receive a year of free coffee in return?” Palmer asks.

According to Palmer, the coffee shop will serve as both a fundraising endeavor for the Rescue Mission’s programs, as well as a vocational and skill-building opportunity for the residents of the Corona Norco Rescue Mission.

“The individuals we are helping in the Inland Empire will learn to become skilled baristas, to interact with customers, or will assist in business operations at the coffee shop,” he explained. “These skills will assist the residents as they take the next step on their journey back to self-sufficiency, and as they work to find future employment.”

Palmer notes that this concept is a unique way to help those in need while simultaneously giving them the skills necessary to provide for themselves long term.

Those interested in donating to support the Restoration Roasters retail location can visit:

About the Orange County Rescue Mission

The Orange County and Inland Empire Rescue Mission’s are a non-profit organization that uses Biblical principles in its programs such as relationships, finance, and parenting. The Rescue Mission’s innovative facilities and programs provide food assistance and shelter in addition to counseling, education, job training, mental wellness, life skill training, and medical services to provide a solid foundation for the transition to a self-sufficient life. To make a donation or inquire about volunteer opportunities with the Rescue Mission, please contact (714) 247-4300 or log on to

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