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The O.C. May Day Coalition is going to rally and protest again on Monday, May 2, at  5pm, at the next Santa Ana City Council meeting, after marching today in Santa Ana.  The meeting will be held at 60 Civic Center Plaza, at the  “Police Community Room.”

The rally will be primarily about stopping the SAPD DUI checkpoints, which rarely ever result in arrests of drunk drivers.  Instead the SAPD use the checkpoints to take cars away from immigrants.

Mike Gonzalez, a district director for League of United Latin American Citizens immigrant councils, brought a dummy — intended to represent President Barack Obama — to the march at the Plaza of the Flags at 700 W. Civic Center, according to the O.C. Register.  Gonzalez has also indicated that he is considering running against Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez next year, according to one of my sources.

Here is the statement that the OC May Day Coalition posted on Facebook:

“May Day March in Santa Ana! OC May Day Coalition * Sanctuary City and Solidarity Statement 2011. We stand together under the same sun to proclaim, “Another world without borders is possible.” We stand in solidarity with workers around the globe to celebrate the international Labor Day on May 1st, 2011, the anniversary of workers’ struggles in the Chicago of 1886. Much like the workers who struck for an 8-hour work day, we are a coalition of people from many industries, cultures and nationalities.

We demand full legalization for all global workers in the U.S. Accordingly, we want an end to all policies that criminalize migration. Specifically, the City of Santa Ana notoriously targets unlicensed drivers. Safe drivers denied the possibility of applying for licenses are routinely stripped of their vehicles at traffic stops. We want to see the leadership in Santa Ana end these practices and declare itself a Sanctuary City.

We demand the restoration of families split up by immigration sweeps. We demand an end to the criminalization of people looking for work. Specifically, the Cities of Orange and Costa Mesa have passed anti-day laborer ordinances (9.37 and 10-354, respectively) with the intent of targeting and denying people of color, often times migrants, access to the economy.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Arizona in resistance against recent racist policies, such as SB1070 and the elimination of Ethnic Studies.

We oppose all racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, and Islamophobic attacks against our community. We are especially concerned about recent attacks this year against Muslims in Yorba Linda and Villa Park.

We want legalization of all students. We demand passage of the DREAM Act for all students to be able to graduate and find gainful employment.

We want strong, democratic, participatory labor unions. We stand in solidarity with workers defending their rights to collective bargaining in Wisconsin and throughout the country.

We stand in solidarity with municipal workers in Costa Mesa recently faced with severe cut-backs.

We want to bring the troops home. We want to end the wars of aggression and occupations in order to fully fund our own education and infrastructure.

We want green, environmentally sound jobs that pay living wages. We support the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ campaign for fair food in Trader Joe’s. We join in their demand 1 penny more for pound for tomato pickers and an end to slavery in the fields.

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3 thoughts on “OC May Day Coalition to protest at Monday’s Santa Ana Council meeting”
  1. Really? we thought the puppet was supposed to represent my neighbor in the Santora. Oh well, and Obama is a big hero? because somebody pulled his cousin Osama out of the cave at tne Santa Ana Zoo where we and the C.I.A. have been keeping him under wraps for the last 1o years. PLEASE. Don’t believe the hype! Money is propaganda! Your taxes are evil! Your passive, lack of sympathy for your own intuition betrays what your hispanic ancestors had in mind for your ridiculous future! but then again, the word is that this year’s Cinco de Mayo was better than last year’s, so party on slaves! Damn it all too hell. Bud light rules.


  3. So many “I wants” sounds like a demanding child. Make a plan to contribute, invest yourself in school and work so you can say you earned your position in life. Without laws there will be chaos. Abide by the laws and the wisdom of smart people who made them. Many successful people abide by the laws.Stop your persecution complex and whinning about being mistreated while you accept free medical care-someone is paying for you. Why dont you just follow the laws and benefit from the opportunities of this country-many immigrants have earned great success-there are many doctors and nurses and business owners who applied themselves legally and live productive, giving and happy lives. You sound so negative and immature and small-minded. Be the solution. Use this platform for making good things happen for people-be positive and truely helpful instead of the devils voice in someones head.

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