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Irv Chase’s promoter, Archer Altstaetter, told NBC yesterday that the Chase family is “upgrading and investing in their buildings, without any malice toward anyone.”  ”It’s no different than the Irvine Company or any other retailer in a mall saying hey, if your stores are not clean, you’re out,” said Altstaetter.

Excuse me?  Did Archer just blame the “dirty Mexicans?”  You can see his commenting about this in the video provided above.

The reality is that it is Archer who is running a less than pristine business.  He recently opened a store called Outrageous Costumes and Couture.  I wrote about it here.  The store featured a paper sign, in the window, and embarrassing merchandising.

In stunning contrast, a new Latina-owned business, called Elegante Formals, looked great when it opened up, on the same weekend that Archer’s store celebrated its grand opening.

To make matters worse, Archer got busted by the City of Santa Ana for opening a business without a business license.

Archer isn’t the only PBID beneficiary who has been mouthing off about Latino-owned businesses in the Downtown Santa Ana area.

Tim O’Connor, one of the owners of Downtown Santa Ana’s Chapter One: the Modern Local restaurant, recently opined at a Santa Ana City Council meeting that there are too many quinciniera shops in the area. Here is how he was quoted in the pages of the OC Weekly:

“This is specifically for most of the stuff on Fourth Street,” O’Conner remarked, even though he was addressing the City Council and not a Chamber of Commerce meeting. “You can’t have the same shop, the same stores, the same exact same quinceanera shop across from the exact same quinceañera shop…exact same thing over and over again and expect to be successful. Times have changed. Fourth Street should change with those times.”

It is bad enough that these guys are ripping off Latino business owners in the Downtown area, with a PBID that was only passed because former Santa Ana City Manager gamed the vote.  But to have them rip Latino business owners incessantly is simply insulting.  It borders on hate speech.  Why are they allowed to get away with these comments?

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43 thoughts on “Irv Chase’s promoter blames the “dirty Mexicans” in Downtown Santa Ana”
  1. Yep, Archer’s comment was just as ignorant and insensitive as Alvarez’s Hitler comment. He is a community leader and a politico. Just like many of us. This whole thing is a smoke screen to cover economic warfare! Jews, Catholics, Mormons are not the issue. Economic practices that are manipulated by failed closed government systems on global and local levels are the issue.

  2. Archer is a bigot, plain and simple. If you criticize him he will scream “homophobia”. I have no problems with an increased gay presence downtown, but I do have a problem with an increased bigot presence downtown. He is clearly a Latino bashing bigot no matter who he sleeps with.

  3. We have standards at this establishment! The Irvine resident has been banned from our property. Chris better meet him at the Frat House.

  4. Call me what ever you want, I am gentile, but historically you can’t have Zionists as you good neighbor.

    This problem goes back 5000 years and virtually in every country Jews did or may face a pogrom because the refuse to assimilate and work for the community.

    As for Alvarez’s crapola — I told you so in my prior post.

    1. How so? She is Jewish isn’t she? Is it now defamation to point that out?

      So you’re okay with Chase’s promoter insinuating that Mexicans are dirty?

  5. I should add that in their ever ending psychopathic and paranoid search for anti-Semitists and Jew haters the Zionists have a mole with every blog.

    So be vigilant Admin!

  6. Excuse me? Did Archer just blame the “dirty Mexicans?” You can see his commenting about this in the video provided above.

    Exactly where this “dirty Mexicans?” said?

  7. “Are you part of the CABAL?”……. Hmmmm

    Based on his statement above he is obviously Zionist provocateur to steer up conversation about Jews in the blog-sphere so he can shut down New Santa Ana and Orange Juice Blog.

    Nelson is to immature to recognize that.
    In about 2 weeks Esq. Encino is in total control of Orange Juice Blog.

    And Nelson is doing “gaga”.

    I think that his provocations contribute to a hateful atmosphere and should be banned in the New Santa Ana.

  8. Read between the lines. (and being unable to read between the lines)

    Read between the lines for me and tell me what the Mexican cultural community is asking for the 4th street area that was called Fiesta Marketplace?

    Segregation? Mexican only

    Racism? Blacks, white, Asians not wanted.

    Clean and safe? What, should clean and safe manner.

    1. Archer has previously lied about Latino businessmen not wanting to do business with him. That is BS. Latino ships will sell to anyone. That is the reason we open businesses, to make money.

  9. “Read between the lines for me and tell me what the Mexican cultural community is asking for the 4th street area that was called Fiesta Marketplace?”…… Hmmmmm


    Have you ever read my candidate statements 2004, 2006, 2008? published in OCregister?

    In nutshell, it should be what consumers will patronize without any interference from the city. This controversy is based on City involvement in the business and tipping scales.

    It never worked and it never will.

    You will see how Pulido will screw up with his chupacabra dream.

  10. Who knew all you had to do to shut up The Liberal OC’s Shill Greg Diamond was call out Dan’s blatant hypocrisy and ask him to comment on it.


    So I guess it is OK for Dan to make jokes about Ham Sandwiches, Free Food and others. Funny the double standard that exists with the Liberal OC crowd.

    It reminds me of another blogger who used to talk about “small government” but was secretly taking cash from a sham commission on the side.

    So I’ll make it simple for you Diamond:

    Do you think it’s OK for dan to make Ham Sandwich, Pork Carnitias jokes, but not for a poster to call beth Krom a JEW?

    I’ll take your answer here please.

  11. The Chases built Fiesta Market Place with State and Federal bonds and grants on a Hispanic immigrant stereotypical model.

    Now his new direction is based on a need to change the Hispanic immigrant stereotypical Fiesta Market Place he produced.

    The Chases Fiesta Market Place agreement with the city required him to produce a quality shopping center to compete with closed air malls providing the surrounding community with quality services and infrastructure…….he has largely failed to produce it.

    Now his marketing director states…..” ”It’s no different than the Irvine Company or any other retailer in a mall saying hey, if your stores are not clean, you’re out,” said Altstaetter.”

    The fact is that it is the Chase’s responsibility according to the Development agreement to provide a clean quality Fiesta Market Place. Ironic that what he has failed to provide he argues the reason to evict tenants.

    In addition if “if your stores are not clean, your out ” is an argument for elimination then Mr. Altstaetter should be out as his store is just that “not clean” and the Chases should be out as they have failed to provide quality shopping center with quality infrastructure as required by the city of Santa Ana and Fiesta Marketplace Developement Agreement.

  12. “Chases should be out as they have failed to provide quality shopping center”…… Hmmmmmm

    It ain’t gone happen under any circumstance because Alvarez is not so smart as they claim she is.

    Now, every attempt to criticize Chases would be rejected as an anti-Semitsm.

    Alvarez will never be able to accomplish anything in Fiesta Market Place any more.

    We must put ban in Santa Ana to use anti-Semitism as form of untouchable.

    Zionists and homosexuals Santa Ana down town is a problem. (Hispanic North Hollywood)

    I can guarantee you that SAPD will not go after homosexual prostitution as they go after hetero one.

  13. There are examples of artists and gays as gentrifiers of blighted communities. There has been successes where the issue was blight.

    The Hispanic downtown shopping business district is not blighted economically. It has historically been a close second to the Main Place Mall in sales tax.

    The concept as presented in Santa Ana as artists and gays as gentrifiers to solve a blight issue will fail as there is no economic blight but rather infrastructure blight.That is, the existing residents will not leave for them to take over. At best, in the plan, they will be part of the existing fabric.

    There is an appearance of blight due to infrastructure neglect by the city most probably due to Police and Fire taking 80% of the budget leaving very little for infrastructure repair and to upgrade.The very little that is available is almost entirely applied to the exclusive neighborhoods exacerbating the blight appearance in the lower income neighborhoods and so enforcing the argument for artists and gays as the gentrifying saviors.

    The appearance is the argument for the gay and artist recruitment by Santa Ana as gentrifiers into Downtown and other Santa Ana residential communities.

    From Wiipidia:

    Gay and lesbian people

    Manuel Castells’s seminal work about gay men as “gentrifiers” in San Francisco, California, shows that “many gays were single men, did not have to raise a family, were young, and connected to a relatively prosperous service economy” is a pattern replicated in other North American cities.[40] An illustration of this sociologic phenomenon is the film Quinceañera (2006), directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, containing a thematic sub-plot about the gentrification of the protagonists’ inner-city neighborhood, Echo Park in Los Angeles, CA.

    The documentary Flag Wars (2003), directed by Linda Goode Bryant,[41] shows the social, class, and gender tensions in the Old Towne East neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, between an urban African-American community and the mostly white gays and lesbians moving in to the neighborhood, whom the original residents accused of gentrification and racism. In turn, the new residents accused the community of homophobia.

    In 2006, in Washington, D.C., a religious congregation in the black Shaw neighborhood opposed the granting of a liquor license to a gay bar that was to open across the street from the church.[42] The bar was successfully opened and has since been replaced by another gay bar at the same location.

    Gay people are not always the gentrifiers: real estate valuation trends can push out poor gay people, as in the Polk District in San Francisco: radical gay activists saw the value of a poor neighborhood as refuge for the economically and socially marginal.[43]

  14. Agran is Jewish. Deborah Gavallo is Jewish. Jeff Lalloway is Jewish. The fact they didn’t RSVP says something about what they must think of Clownis

  15. art lomeli says: “It has historically been a close second to the Main Place Mall in sales tax.”

    dr. lomeli,

    Please explain what you mean by “historically a close second” – historically over what period of time?

    How does downtown SA compare to Main Place Mall in sales tax revenue over the past 3 years?

  16. Parents in Irvine be careful. When trick-or-treating on Wedgewood there’s a fat creepy guy that like to play dress up and take pictures. He hangs at comic book conventions and coaches youth sports. Don’t leave your children alone near him. He is a clear and present danger. Don’t let him lure your children with comic books or candy.

  17. I am not FAT! My wifes employer paid a lot of money for that surgery.

    Now creepy, maybe; childish, certainly; misguided, perhaps; hypocritical, FOR SURE; clever, never; greedy, of course; liberal, come on, I hang with Jubal.

  18. Good thing says: “Good thing Claudia is termed out.”

    Measure D gives everyone a 3 term limit starting in 2008.

    Just like the term limit on the governor, who is in his third of two terms.

    I be taking bets, how much you willing to lose?

  19. Funny that Mike Tardif posts under the name “junior” when he is trying to stab those people that he smiles in their face, like Sam Romero, in the back.

    Why you being such a pussy Tardif? Man up and post under your real name.

  20. junior says:

    October 31, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    art lomeli says: “It has historically been a close second to the Main Place Mall in sales tax.”

    dr. lomeli,

    Please explain what you mean by “historically a close second” – historically over what period of time?

    How does downtown SA compare to Main Place Mall in sales tax revenue over the past 3 years?


    “historically” from the 80’s to know.

    The recent city study “Drill Down Santa Ana ” stated that a lack of proper marketing and promotion to the surrounding central Santa Ana population produces over 250 million dollar loss in sales revenue.


    I do not know the numbers in the last 2 years. Possibly is the same maybe a far second to the Main Place Mall. I suspect if there is a larger separation it is because of no effort to market better by Downtown Inc. to the Hispanic community that placed it at a high tax revenue for the city.

  21. Most stupidly ironic comment of the day:

    “Man up and post under your real name.”

    So says “where’s junior???”

    I have to use that old cliche – ROTFLMAO – ha!


  22. “Funny that x posts under the name “junior” when he is trying to stab .. people that he smiles in their face .. in the back.”

    I am not trying to stab anyone in the back. I want to see the facts come out on both sides; rather than having a name calling hissy-fit Claudia Alvarez type fight about this issue.

  23. Junior has one thing to be happy about:

    With the OCCUPY OC event centered in Irvine, most people are going over there to pig up thier weed, making in lonley is his part of town!

    That was a joke- Get it, All of the Occupy OC guys are dopers and the the legitimate business’ are destroying the neighborhood.

  24. Yeah ken – I AM happy that the pot shops are packing up and moving out of the neighborhood – I guess that I have BHO to thank for that – not that I will vote for him.

  25. I (we) also have BHO to “thank” for “Fast and Furious” and the murder of a US Border Patrol agent and God knows how many others. That SOB knew about F&F and sanctioned it – in order to make legitimate gun dealers look bad.

  26. Greg, What an interesting and well thought out response. I guess you are a man of many words (judging by your posts).


    So the fastest way to shut down a left wing ding bat was to call out the posers at the LOC for the hypocrisy.

    Five days and NO word from old Greg Diamond on why it’s OK for Dan Chmiliwienski to make jokes about pork.

    What a shill.

  27. Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez‘s “Hitler” and “ethnic cleansing” remarks are very offensive to me and my Jewish family and ancestors. Enough is enough!! Alvarez already Amended her TERM LIMITS by adding on another term -at exactly the same time she was on her way OUT! She pushed for MEASURE D -read it everyone!!! This Measure D allowed her to stay for an additional four years back in 2008! and NOW she wants to stay longer???? What exactly is she in it for? What is she self appointing to her paycheck that she doesn’t wanna let go of??? It makes you wonder, why she wants to claw on to an overheated seat…. What is she GETTING out of it? Now, she is using the tax payer’s money to file a law suit to get permission to run for fourth term. What kind of joke is this??? I hope that she loses to the new girl Karina Onofre who seems fresh and ethical

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