Mon. May 27th, 2024

“Los Amigos, a community organization that serves Latinos, asked the Orange County grand jury to look into Mayor Miguel Pulido’s connections to a business that twice received key approvals from the city,” according to the O.C. Register.

Pulido’s worst nightmare has come true.  He has confided to friends that he is in fear of a grand jury investigation – and here it is.

Pulido’s mayoral opponent, Alfredo Amezcua, is a longtime member of Los Amigos.  But I truly doubt that Amezcua will be allowed to become our next Mayor – even if Pulido goes down.

I expect that Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez will run for Mayor if Pulido opts to retire from the City Council.  And if Pulido is forced out of office, Alvarez will be appointed to fill out his term, by the other Council Members.

If Alvarez opts to stay put, it is likely that Councilman Vincent Sarmiento will be the backup choice. 

Will other candidates jump into the mayoral race if Pulido is out?  You bet.  It will be a full contact scrum! 

Pulido obviously stayed in office too long.  He could have moved on to higher office years ago.  Now he is looking into the abyss…

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12 thoughts on “If Mayor Pulido goes down, get ready for Mayor Claudia Alvarez!”
  1. Miguel Pulido is a straight shooter. None of this Grand jury stuff will happen! He will win this next election and continue doing an excellent job for the city of Santa Ana! I just dont see anyone that is competent enough to fill his shoes! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK WORK PULIDO!!!!!!

  2. So if Claudia takes over his post does this mean, I may take over Claudia’s position since I lost to her for ward 5.

    1. Lisann,

      That would be great but what would happen is that the rest of the Council would appoint someone to fill out her term. That is what they did when Jose Solorio moved on to Sacramento. They replaced him with Vince Sarmiento.

      So who would they appoint to replace Claudia? Good question. We will have to examine that further down the road…but you might start be reviewing who her city commissioners are.

  3. If Claudia take over this will be a “BIG MESS” why not investigate first before taking that position ?
    I rather continue with Pulido…. think about.
    Pulido is not that bad compare to Claudia.

  4. Miguel is to full of himself to step down. And the rest of the city council has to have approved by inaction his unethical or illegal activities and placidly stood by in fear of not receiving his support throughout their term in office and their next election. I don’t trust any of them.

  5. dee, what grade are you in. After nap time, I would love to hear you justify your statement.

  6. Miguel T.
    Your right, you just don’t see. I’m glad Miguel has someone with your powers of observation to watch his back.

  7. I agree with lawyer. I could never understand what Claudia is saying at city council meet or at community meeting or in person. There is no content. There is no public policy. There is nothing. She ahs no redeeming value. BTW, Al is not a bad lawyer. He is often asked to do the impossible and he tries. Some people come to him for legal work to undo things that they should have not done nor that they should expect to get away with. Unfortuantely, as a lawyer you can’t choose your clients. I seen him put the community first before his business.

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