Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

Apparently one of my readers insinuated that liberal Democrat Julio Perez, who is running for the 69th Assembly District (in last place according to a recent poll) is gay.

I tried to find the comment but could not.  However it appears to have set off Orange Juice bloggers Greg Diamond and Vern Nelson.  Diamond in fact immediately began to threaten me and he said that he would use the courts to force me to give up the IP address of the commenter who apparently insinuated that Perez is gay.

I don’t get it.  Usually if you come out of the closet and you are a Democratic politician they throw a parade for you, even if you have been lying to a faithful wife for years.  So if Perez is gay, and I am certainly not saying that he is, wouldn’t that be something the blue party would celebrate?  It’s not like he would be the first gay Perez to make it to Sacramento.

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8 thoughts on “If liberal 69th A.D. candidate Julio Perez is gay, does it really matter?”
  1. Most recent polling points to a certain Daly vs Perez General election run-off.

    Moreno and Martinez are trailing 17 percentage behind the leaders.

    I believe Martinez would be the best choice and she will get my vote but history has proven that it’s VERY hard for a Santa Ana Councilmember to get elected. Just ask former S.A. Councilmembers and failed Assembly candidates, Dan Grissett, Ted Moreno, Claudia Alvarez, and Sal Tinajero.
    Solorio was a rare anomaly.

  2. “Moreno and Martinez are trailing 17 percentage behind the leaders”……. Hmmmmm

    Once again Martinez is relining on wrong advisers.

    If she wants to win she must capture Ron Paul’s independents mainly the youth but I do not think that her advisers have any clue about the political trend.

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

    The reason why the SA council fails to get into higher offices is because they rely on Pulido machine which works only city wide.

    That is why Pulido never gets beyond the SA Mayor.

  3. It shouldn’t matter a bit. Unless he lies about it.

    I would advise Julio to begin to take things head on instead of relying on “friendlies” to send out his message. If in fact he is homosexual, he should steal a page from that young man in Fullerton’s book and take it head on. Otherwise he just looks like he does now, a do nothing tool for the union, afraid to rock the boat.

    The picture I see of Perez being painted is a guy who is loose with truth, dependent on his union handlers.
    They know the carpetbombing of AD’s are coming and they are just waiting for air support.

    As for the other two pictured, I’d be stunned to learn that the dude in the apron was batting not catching, as for Andrew Galvin, just cause you look, sound and act gay, doesn’t mean you are.

  4. Why would it matter for a Democrat? Wouldn’t it make him a hero in his political circles? I know a fellow in Anheim who has used it to further his political career and he is a member of the Grand Old Party!

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