Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

Police officers were called to an auto dealership after a victim of identity theft notified them the auto loan approved in his name was not made by him, according to the Tustin Police Department.

The suspect left the dealership before officers arrived, but was detained walking nearby. Officers were worried they had developed double vision when the suspect presented numerous different people’s ID’s with his photograph superimposed on them.

No vision check nor corrective lenses were needed, though, as the suspect’s felonious intentions were clear as day. After confirming the suspect wasn’t an identical quadruplet, he was given a test ride in the Tustin Police Department’s newest Dodge Durango.

Instead of returning to the dealership, his final destination was Orange County Jail!

Fraudulent auto purchases are on the rise and Tustin Police Department would like to prevent you from becoming the next victim. To ensure this, they recommend you frequently monitor your credit reports and require pre-authorization by the credit bureaus before a loan can be taken out in your name. Be mindful of data breaches from companies who have your information and freeze your credit during periods of credit inactivity.

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