Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

A female shoplifting suspect had a shopping list and consulted it multiple times as she loaded her shopping cart with merchandise, according to the Irvine Police.

When she began to leave the store with the stolen goods, loss prevention contacted her. The woman walked past him and left the store with her trolley full of stolen merchandise.

If you can help us identify this suspect, please email

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7 thoughts on “A female shoplifter made off with a loaded cart at an Irvine store”
  1. What good is it for loss prevention to make contact with her if she can just walk right past them and leave the store with a cart full of stolen goods? Doesn’t make any sense…. to me ‍♂️

    1. Fire the person for not doing his job. If the store loses money it can close and all the workers will be out of jobs. Hire a military man a vet. He will do the job correctly. This person has no spine and you need it for this job.

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