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Federal authorities have been looking into the Santa Ana Police Officers Association, specifically seeking information about Gerry Serrano, the union’s president who is an influential and controversial figure in city politics, according to the Voice of OC.

Serrano currently nets over half a million dollars in salary and benefits per year, according to Transparent California.

Serrano has responded to the Voice of OC article with a press release that included this comment, “In May of 2020, recalled councilmember Cecilia Iglesias, “some officers” and “retirees” filed a complaint with the city manager regarding our Retiree Medical Trust. Per our MOU, the city has no authority over our Retiree Medical Trust so they moved their frivolous complaint to the federal authorities. The subpoenas were served on the city and through Court Liaison. They are asking for information on our
Retiree Medical Trust only.”

The Voice of OC also reported that Serrano is in the midst of seeking his own re-election as president of the Santa Ana Police Officers Association (POA), with ballots due from the union’s members over the next couple of weeks. He’s being challenged by Adrian Silva, a sergeant at the SAPD. See the video above which features Silva’s comments about the election.

The police union this year is again the largest spender in Santa Ana elections, with over $200,000 spent so far on ads supporting candidates Jose Solorio, Mark McLoughlin, and car salesman Vic Mendez, according to the Voice of OC.

The POA has also been contributing to PACs defending Ward One City Council candidate Thai Viet Phan.

The POA never should have undertaken the recall of former City Council Member Ceci Iglesias. They got their raise. The recall was unnecessary. Now they are backing Mendez instead of the Ward 5 incumbent, Juan Villegas, an actual member of law enforcement and perhaps our best Council Member.

You have to wonder if Serrano will be able to hang on to his job as union President. Surely the POA members must be getting sick of all the lame drama by now?

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13 thoughts on “Gerry Serrano responds to the Federal investigation of the Santa Ana police union”
  1. Why would the FBI be looking into the POA health plan unless there is evidence or suspicion of criminality?

  2. I am not sure where you get your information – but I have not sold cars for over a year and went back to my consulting business. Mr Serrano treated me with the utmost respect, which more than I say for this “Newspaper”. Also, I approached him about running.

    The decision to run was mine and mine alone

    While the results are disappointing, I did take away three endorsements from your friend Juan Villegas – the POA, the OC Register and the Southwest Carpenters. I also contested the DPOC endorsement, which resulted in a nullification of the recommendation to endorse Mr Hernandez.

    Also, your friend was financed by the right wing Republican Lincoln Club and if you want to pal around with folks whose friends support putting Brown children in cages, you have a right to do so. I prefer to take a more humane approach to immigration.

    Lastly, Mr Hernandez won fairly; however, only 20% of the electorate voted for him. If you think this is a mandate, you need a math lesson and should avoid antagonizing the 80% who did not vote for Mr Hernandez or the 70% that did not vote for Mr Sarimiento.

    1. A win is a win, no matter by how much.

      Your endorsements were of no import as you came in last.

      Juan is a good man and he is not a Republican. We will miss him on the City Council.

      1. and facts are facts, which you have trouble with. You have no source for your comments. Btw, I lost as did Juan. A loss is a loss and your GOP-backed friend is gone and lost his seat.

          1. you do need a source to say I was recruited by Gerry. There is no source because it is not true. You should check Juan’s donors – corporations and the Lincoln Club.

            I have no problem with the race. I lost.

            Jonathan has held the lead from the beginning. There are not enough votes for Juan since all the candidates keep getting votes.

            Juan lost and it is irrelevant who else lost. There is only winner. Nobody cares who came in second or last.

          2. Was your campaign supported by the POA in any manner, including IEs of opposition to your election rivals?

          3. It is against the law for me to have knowledge of the IEs operation and I did not receive a direct contribution from the POA or for that matter any PAC,individual, or business that has or may have an interest in City business.

            The POA, along with the Register and the SW Carpenters endorsed my campaign.

            All my direct contributions were from retirees, family political associates, and high school friends who I have known for over 50+ years.

            There were no negative ads sent out by any candidate in this race by the IEs. I did directly fund my own text program and I am free to say what I want on those messages since I paid for them (out of my own pocket).

            No matter, this post is full of falsehoods and innuendo from someone who was never party to any discussion I had with the POA or any potential donor or voter nor did he ask to fact check with me before he posted.

  3. You removed the offending remark, now please remove the remark about being a cars salesman. I am not nor was I one over the past year. It seems like a backhand stab and is also not correct. I am the only candidate that has his occupation listed.

    Btw, the decision to endorse me took almost 4 months. We both discussed the issues that were important, including police funding and a police commision. These matters were part of my platform and were repeatedly presented at the Zoom Forums.

  4. Vic says: “It is against the law for me to have knowledge of the IEs operation ..” However, it is not against the law for you to be aware of IE’s expended on your behalf – either to support you or oppose other candidates in your race. Of course that information is available from the State – but it would be helpful if you could relay that information to the community.

    1. Yes Mike I did have IEs spend on my behalf as did Juan and other candidates. At this point, I have no interest in pursuing those details since I am not a public figure.

      I can only state that I received no PAC money, my individual donors were of the highest honor, and I did not associate with the Trump Lincoln Club,like Juan did, nor a convicted felon like Roman Reyna as Mr Hernandez did.

      My voters voted for me because they felt they could trust me, they liked my values, and they felt I had morals.These were their words not mine and for that I am proud of the campaign we ran and grateful for their support.

      We got enough to a rough start, maybe we should have coffee sometime and bridge our differences and see what we can dotogether here in SA – I have time now. You care as do I.

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