Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

Jill Arthur

Santa Ana Deputy City Manager Jill Arthur was placed on administrative leave this week pending a city-commissioned investigation into allegations that she engaged in misconduct following a traffic accident, according to the Voice of OC.

The Voice of OC reported that “According to sources familiar with the investigation who spoke on condition of anonymity, Arthur was involved in a car accident with Marcel Alvarez, a 22-year-old Buena Park resident. Rather than exchange insurance information, Arthur offered to get Alvarez a job by leveraging her influence at the Santa Ana Work Center, a city office that assists residents in finding employment, sources said.”

I heard about this yesterday but could not post it as the story was embargoed at the time.  So who leaked this story?  Could it be the same Council Members who have complained about us breaking Santa Ana news stories all the time?  Council Member Vince Sarmiento went nuts over this recently.

If you ask me, this story got out when a Council Member gave the police report to the Voice of OC.  I am guessing it was either Michele Martinez or David Benavides.  Were they the ones that also gave the Voice of OC the fake story about a rape that didn’t happen at a party at Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido’s house?  Remember that story went out when Benavides was running for Mayor against Pulido.

Arthur has been close to Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido for many years.  The Santa Ana City Council moved to fire our last City Manager, Paul Walters, in part to reduce Arthur’s influence at City Hall, only to see her get promoted by their highly paid temp city manager, Kevin O’Rourke.

I am told that Martinez and Benavides now want to get rid of O’Rourke even sooner.  Until that happens I guess they will have to satisfy themselves by taking out Arthur.  If the allegations are true, Arthur is finished and could face criminal charges.  Her career prospects would be nil. If Arthur did what she is accused of then she deserves what is coming.  But I wonder how many DUIs Benavides and Martinez have gotten out of since they became part of the Council’s majority?

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12 thoughts on “Deputy City Manager Jill Arthur being investigated for misconduct”
  1. The systematic silencing of anyone who speaks out against the “springers” is scary and noticeable.

    One of the benefits of being an “Anonymous Asshole” as Greg Diamond called me, is people recognize the need to question authority.

    I heard directly from one VOC poster, that the pressure put upon him by Robert Oliver was so severe and threatening to his family that he said “F-it”. He insisted that this was the police union at work and cited instances of this……Who knows?

    But, on the heels of Costa mesa’s POA scandal and Benavides support????

    I would expect that as people question the fairness of the VOC’s posting policy, you’ll begin to see softball plant posts questioning the council. Seamus, Junior, Skalleywag, Mike Tardif, Mercedesengine will be the obvious one.

    The reality is: Santa Ana is controlled by the elite few, who ignore THOUSANDS of residents.

    When we begin to see the likes of David Benavides and his family at REAL COMMUNITY events in his district not hosting tours at Bowers???? you’ll see change.

  2. carpetbagger,

    First, I would appreciate it you would leave out ANY reference to my family. I do not bring family members into any post or comment and I would appreciate that same courtesy.

    Second, you forgot NG Coot on OC Weekly.

    Third, what the hell are you talking about in reference to me?

    Also, junior is always lower case and this is how I spell skallywag – also all lower case.

    1. I am unaware of any such reference Mike.

      I was merely referring to the numerous pseudonym’s you have and the irony that bloggers relentlessly discredit others for this, but seem to consider you “harmless”.

      What I was talking about was the seemingly willingness of the “springers” to reach out and backslap even their most ardent critics. Your silly “Eddie West” claims put’s you squarely in the sights as an easily manipulated shill.

      The council majority as demonstrated how adept they are at silencing public discussion as good as their predecessor’s, what’s not been seen yet, is which players (ie. usual suspects) they can get in their corner. They hit a wall with Lomeli because he doesn’t live here. Chase Doesn’t either.

      So that leaves someone like you.

        1. let me put in simpler terms for you Mike, since you are a mere sheet metal guy, incapable of thinking for yourself.


  3. “I would expect that as people question the fairness of the VOC’s posting policy, you’ll begin to see softball plant posts questioning the council. Seamus, Junior, Skalleywag, Mike Tardif, Mercedesengine will be the obvious one”……….. Hmmmmmm

    No one attacked me unless I am too softball.

    Only people who tried to silence me was Vern Nelson and Greg Diamond but hey are not part of the VOC.

    Seamus, Junior, Skalleywag, Mike Tardif, Mercedesengine are known ass-kissers.

  4. “Deputy City Manager Jill Arthur being investigated for misconduct”……… Hmmmmmm

    Could this be a catalytic force which puts Pulido and Walters on the market for the condo in the gated community as I have predicted last year?

    The question is not whether it will happen, the question is when!

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