Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

O.C. Clerk Recorder Tom Daly has been caught with his hands in the proverbial cookie jar.  Daly sent an unsolicited e-mail to a lot of his Clerk-Recorder employees inviting them to his Oct. 19 fundraiser.  Daly held a fundraiser even though he has yet to commit to running for the 69th Assembly District.

What is more telling is that the e-mail was sent on a weekday (Wednesday) at 9:07 am. First of all, why is he soliciting his employees? Secondly, what the hell is he doing campaigning during work hours?

It is highly unlikely that Daly sent the email himself. He is known to be lame when it comes to computers, so it is likely that this email was the work of any one of his PR hacks – Jean Pasco, Jordan Brandman or his Assistant Clerk-Recorder Renee Ramirez.

Daly will say that he took time off that day but his own employees say he hardly ever shows up to work.

Most employees don’t support Tom Daly for Clerk-Recorder, much less Assembly.

After unsubscribing to this e-mail list via the link provided in the e-mail, they still got a follow-up email reminding them of his fundraiser – during business hours of course.

I wonder how many of his employees actually attended his event?  Did they feel pressured to attend?  Is this even legal?

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15 thoughts on “Daly gets caught sending campaign email to his employees, during work hours”
  1. Grindle do your job and investigate Tom Daly campaigning during County time. Someone needs to call the grand jury to investigate.

    Everyone knows that Jean Pasco, Jordan Brandman and Renee Ramirez are there to protect Daly. These guys are never at work.

    Check there timesheets. They are abusing taxpayers dollars.

  2. Do you think that you can stop writing about these people. You are not being paid that much to do so and your ratings are going to suffer for doing so.

    1. Sorry to pop your bubble Mateo but our Daly posts have been our top posts this month.

      And we are doing quite well in the ratings.

      Daly is a tremendous threat to all of us. I will stop writing about him only when he pulls out of the race for the 69th.

  3. #1 – Break time starts at 9:00 am
    #2 – Perhaps a campaign person has access to his email and sent this out
    #3 – There is no restriction, that I am aware of, against soliciting employees or anyone for that matter

  4. Mateo you must be supporting Tom Daly. I want to know what is wrong with this post?

    What’s wrong with writing the truth. You see the email that Tom Daly sent out to staff. He shouldn’t even be soliciting his County staff. I feel intimidated.

    Tom Daly is a sneaky little punk who will try to win by cheating. He thinks he is above the law and he has always been corrupt. This guys hires friends and give out bogus contracts to his supporters with taxpayers money. The Board of Supervisors should be investigating Tom Daly abusing County time and taxpayers money. Tom Daly reminds me of John Williams. They are both arrogant!

    I always talked to his secretary Lily and she doesn’t even know when this idiot Tom Daly is coming to work. She tells me he makes his own schedule. What’s funny is when he does come to work he is campaigning during County time or walking around flirting with the girls.


    Tom Daly should not run for Assembly!

  5. I’m at work right now at The Clerk Recorder office and posting during County time.

    I want to know Where is Tom Daly?

  6. Mateo?? Are you Mat Cunningham? Please dont use Mateo you are an insult to a good name. Up Daly’s ass already huh? I guess your hipocracy has no limits, just like Daly.

    1. Mateo is an artist at the Santora building. He is on the left. Junior is on the right. That this post angered both of them tells you we are on the right track!

  7. @ Admin good try but Daly is protected and untouchable. He has friends that works for the Board of Supervisors on the 5th floor and CEO protects him too.

    Good story but all for nothing.

  8. Where is Tom Daly and Jean Pasco. At least the dumb one Renee Ramirez is at the office. Tom Daly MIA again. You are a waste of taxpayers money.

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