Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

“Orange County officials have decided not to renew an exclusive contract with Latino Health Access (LHA) to provide promotores services throughout the county, opting instead to divvy up the approximately $500,000 contract among several community organizations,” according to the Voice of OC.

America Bracho, President and CEO of LHA, says that the county’s decision is political payback.  That is of course complete B.S.  But in reality this is just desserts for Ms. Bracho, who originally hails from Venezuela, where she claims she was a rural doctor, though my sources say she does not have a medical degree.  She has however since earned a Master’s Degree in Public Health.

The truth is that she has been using her organization for political purposes, here in Santa Ana, for some time now.  Whenever the Council majority needs a few stooges to come down and echo their positions, Bracho’s paid legions show up.

So I for one am glad she lost a good chunk of her county funding. Perhaps now she will focus on health and get her nose out of local politics.

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12 thoughts on “County Supervisors whack Latino Health Access’ funding”
  1. no tax returns, no filing with the state on 503 c status?

    How does the city and the county and even the state give so much money to this org. without doing a back ground check?

  2. “no tax returns, no filing with the state on 503 c status?”…….. Hmmmmmmm

    They pay taxes on everything except on declared profit. Remember that a corporation is taxed twice, once on corporate profit and than on everything else.

    Only corporate profit is exempt.

    1. Exempt from tax, but not the paper work.

      Sounds like that org. that larry lopez was running, fast and loose with the rules.

  3. Cook:

    Latino Health Access (registered as LATINO CENTER FOR PREVENTION & ACTION IN HEALTH & WELFARE) is a registered 501 c(3). They have filed their Form 990, and have received Guide Stars Exchange Seal, demonstrating its commitment to transparency.



    They are VERY active in promoting the health and well-being of the TOTAL community…

    Dra. Bracho’s observation, including recipients of the money formerly going to Latino Health Access is that the money was given to other organizations who were NOT expecting it, and who had NOT demonstrated OUTCOME efficacy as Latino Health Access has done.


  4. @ Quill Barstool:

    Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking is not a laughing or joking matter.

    Virginia Isaías, our President and Founder of Human Trafficking Survivor Foundation, is a kidnap victim and survivor of human trafficking along with her then 6-month old daughter. Virginia saw other children and women tortured and killed, until she successfully escaped to freedom on her third attempt. Virginia has had to endure several reconstructive surgeries to alleviate some of her ever present injuries.

    We have met other survivors of both domestic violence and human trafficking in the various 2-3 day conferences we have participated in, in addition to those whom the foundation (FSTH) has helped directly and locally in Orange County.


  5. America is more of a witch doctor than one of the medical variety. She’s been scaming the white folks of Orange County since she arrived with her “medical degree” Good for you Art and the County for finally cutting off the dinero. She’s cut out of the same piece of cloth as the political treasurer lady who ripped off Correa, Solorio, and Sanchez. When will the D.A. look into her activities?

  6. Paco,

    I presume you are Francisco Baragan, former candidate for California Assembly.

    I am impressed by your activism!

    I am very concerned however that you lack even the most basic public speaking skills needed to represent the public.

    I am a Valley “guy” myself and am impressed with your education but you sound like a illiterate Tulare gang kid!

    Watch your video here, and tell me that you would vote for this guy:


    Further, I recognize your right and decision to side with the current council majority, but as a man who has been around the California Democratic Political machine for forty years, I say this: BE CAREFUL.

    You are aligning yourself with a council majority that has NO DIRECTION and Little support. Don’t go down with the ship.

    I know Nicole Parra and Cal Dooley well. they NEVER would have positioned them selves this way.

    STAND DOWN and let Rome Burn. you can be a great representative to the city, but if all you are going to do is sell us Benavides SPOA/CHASE girl scout cookies you will end up empty. Trust me. I have watched this.

    Distance yourself. Don’t end up another Armondo Libertad guy………

    Concentrate on business, less on the women you CAN’T help. That’s the political reality.

    Show up at regular events with your “partner”. Gain respect.

    Santa Ana will respect you back, but not while you are a party to robbing us, like the Council.

  7. @ Carpetbagger:

    I have had several occasions to learn from illiterate people, and I respect them for what they accomplish for their families, even in spite of their illiteracy.

    I also admire our youth and some of the women in our community that in spite of all of their challenges and traumas they have faced, they continue to inspire others to not focus on the past nor on their traumas, but rather to focus on the future and on the solutions. Someone like Virginia, a “CIVILIAN” who has faced traumas and has overcome most of them, has helped me to understand greater how to help our own MILITARY veterans who faced traumas and continue to struggle to overcome them.

    And this is not about “Political” reality, but about Practical reality and problems our community faces, and for which I will partner with anyone who is also acting on improving and moving our community forward.

    This includes actively working with our City Council, staff and others to better our community, rather than being on the sidelines and a naysayer.

  8. Paco,

    You missed the point:


    Vern Nelson’s support may constitute pride, but it will get you and your cause(s) NOWHERE.

    As long as you believe inthe “practical” reality over the “political” reality you will not be elected to dog catcher. Sad, but True.

    WAKE UP and play the game.

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