Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Connect to Council is holding what they call a “Resource Event” on Wed., Sep. 28, at 6 pm., for the neighborhoods in Ward 6, which include:

  • Riverview West
  • Windsor Village
  • Morning Sunwood
  • Thornton Park
  • Summerfield Homes
  • Metro Classic
  • Republic Homes
  • Sunwood Central
  • Rosewood Baker
  • South Coast
  • Centennial Park (south of Harvard)

The meeting agenda includes:

  1. Code Enforcement updates and discussions
  2. How can the schools and neighborhoods work together?
  3. What are the plans for the heavily congested streets around our neighborhoods, including Harbor Blvd?

The meeting starts at 6:00pm with a “Meet and Greet.” The program will run from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. The event will be held at Jim Thorpe Fundamental School (Multi-purpose room), located at 2450 West Alton, in Santa Ana.

Ward 6 is represented by Sal Tinajero, an award-winning public school teacher and debate team coach. Click here to read his bio. He has not confirmed that he will be at this meeting.

Connect to Council is run by a Republican, Connie Hamilton. She is a known ally of OC GOP Central Committee member Thomas Gordon, who was thrown off the Santa Ana EPIC Commission a few years ago, by the Santa Ana City Council. Gordon tried to run for Ward 6 last year but he failed to collect enough nominating signatures – and even his own signature was thrown out by the Santa Ana City Clerk, due to discrepancies.

For More Information Call: 714-557-3812 (or 714-836-1507 para Español).

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8 thoughts on “Connect to Council’s next meeting is on 9/28, in Santa Ana’s Ward 6”
  1. Why would you write a post which promotes Neighborhood Associations and Connect to Council when you seem bent on the destruction of those groups?

  2. Thank you for posting this announcement about our event, and please let me explain why we call this a “Resource Event”. The residents of Santa Ana are often unsure about where to turn to help and information on the issues they face in their neighborhoods. Connect-to-Council works to assist residents in connecting them with the resource information that will help them resolve their issues. If we need to enlist the assistance of their Councilperson, we’ll do this, as well. I invite you to attend this event,and then you’ll have a better idea of what Connect-to-Council is all about, or perhaps you will attend when we have the Resource event for your Ward (Ward 3, correct?). Our committee members are comprised of Republicans, Democrats, plus Libertarians, but we don’t embrace partisan issues. We simply roll our sleeves up, jump in and try to help where we can. Sure, we all have our political views, but it’s not that difficult to all get along and work together if there’s a common goal. We proactively meet with residents and neighborhood leaders in these wards to determine their highest concerns and then we attempt to help out. That’s what we do. Councilman Tinajero is attending a Board meeting on Weds. evening, but he assured me he will then be coming to our event. Don’t worry; he won’t let his constituents down.

    1. Thanks Connie – Sal is very reliable.

      I guess I don’t see a need to go to anyone for such resources as I already know where to go.

      I used to be quite active in such organizations but I realized over the years that I could get more done with blogging. We have had a record 26,000 visits and 53,000 page views this month, so we must be doing something right! 🙂

  3. “I never said I wanted to destroy them, I just don’t want to pay for them.”

    To defund them IS to destroy them. It is obvious that destruction of these community groups is your goal.

    1. How do you think other such groups function? Santa Ana is the only city that subsidizes their NAs.

      These groups should collect dues from their members and meet in private homes or businesses. Com Link should become a nonprofit and seek grant funding.

      Hundreds of churches manage themselves in our city without government funding. Why can’t the NAs and Com Link do likewise?

  4. “I guess I don’t see a need to go to anyone for such resources as I already know where to go.”

    We can see that you have no desire to assist those who do not know where to go. Think of the good you could do to help those less fortunate than yourself to wend their way through the labarynth of City Hall. Come share your knowledge, expertese and familiarity with the process and those in power. We NEED you Admin.

    1. I get calls and emails every day from folks who need help. I help some of them by promoting their events here. Others I refer to city staffers and to the Council. I am already a resource Junior.

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