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Clown hysteria has finally arrived at Santa Ana public schools. One of our readers is a local public school teacher at MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School. She reported today what she called “the strangest experience in nearly 30 years of teaching.” Apparently the teachers at her school were in their lounge, on a break, when a cafeteria worker screamed “Lock the doors! Call the police!” and numerous children were brought into the kitchen while the doors were locked. Outside, kids were running, screaming and some were even crying. The principal rang the nutrition bell early and one of the teachers proclaimed, “They have ruined my nutrition!”

The teachers and kids returned to their classrooms and spent the next ten minutes talking about clowns. Apparently there are numerous YouTube clown video stories that kids have been watching this week. The videos include stories of clowns cutting off dog’s heads and clowns slicing people to bits. And there were reports that the killer clowns had come to California and they were going to kill every middle school child in the state.

Fortunately the situation at MacArthur finally settled down and the day concluded uneventfully.

However according to my friend one of her students swore that a clown spoke to him while he was at his locker, today, from behind an ivy covered fence. When he was asked how that was possible, he said that the clown lay on the ground and talked to him from the gap at the bottom of the fence. Another friend from another district recounted the story of a girl who clung to her backpack stating that she needed to run home to avoid the clowns.

My son, who is an 8th grader at a magnet school in Tustin, reported that a clown with a bloody face showed up at his school yesterday. That clown was seen hanging around the school’s fence.

A student at Carr Intermediate reportedly brought a knife to school this week as he was afraid of the clowns.

Another local teacher reported that she was “standing at the office door letting and bringing the kids into the office! I got yelled At by an admin!!! I think there were about 300 kids storming us! He didn’t want the kids in the office! Then four sixth graders were sobbing so I took them into the nurses office! I talked them down out of their hysterics then I walked each one to their 6th grade class! They didn’t want to walk alone! What a day!”

A teacher at Lathrop Intermediate School reported that multiple students were showing up to school with bats and hammers today because of a picture of their school with clowns photoshopped in and a message that those clowns were coming to their school tomorrow was posted on social media.

Incidentally a father of two Lathrop students called me to say that he spoke to the principals at Lathrop and they denied that anything happened at their school.

I don’t know if any of the clown news is real but the hysteria this is causing is becoming a problem at Santa Ana’s public schools. Why hasn’t the SAUSD addressed this?

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25 thoughts on “Clown hysteria arrived at several Santa Ana public schools today”
  1. I would LIKE TO KNOW THE SAME THING ABOUT THE SANTA ANA PD, why are aren’t doing anything about it? I can tell you that Tustin PD has done quite a bit… GET ON YOURjob Santa Ana Police department

  2. My daughter attends Greenville Elementary school and she came home scared about clowns. As parents we should be sent a text or phone call in regards to the fears our children are experiencing. They need to feel Safe.

    1. To say that you expect the school to send you a text about your children’s “fear” is just unrealistic. Not every child is talking about this, not every child is afraid. Your child should be talking you YOU. YOU should be the first one that know they are afraid about something, not the staff st their school!

  3. I have seen like 6 or 7 clowns recently at a city council’s meetings……They pretend to be council members!!! HA

  4. I teach first grade and some kids were afraid of clowns but it’s the parents fault. They let their children see the news and t.v. and that’s how fear goes into their heads. If someone told my daughter that a clown was coming to school she would say, “so”. She has no idea about this clown business because we don’t expose it to her. The more we pay attention to it the more it’s going to spread. It’s the gangs we should be worried about.

    1. What do you mean its the parents fault?!? They should let their kids know! I’m in high school and i didn’t know about it till my little sister told me. Something could of happened to me and others that don’t know about this. For reals the more they know the more cautious they’ll be. Its better for them to be alive and scared, then dead!!

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