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The groundbreaking documentary film “Boys in Peril” will be screened at Santa Ana’s Valley High School on March 22, 2013.

This film is an effort to better understand the dwindling college-bound American population, by Los Angeles filmmaker Graham Streeter, who  embedded himself in East Los Angeles, where he befriended Julio, Edgar, and Abel: three Latino high school seniors;  each attempting to navigate through the daunting and challenging transition between high school and college in their own unique ways.

The feature-length essay is a compelling look into the common obstacles that face young Hispanic men who truly aspire to better their lives by obtaining a college education and the goodness of teachers, parents and programs that strive to make that possible.

Too many of our young men, and women, make it to college and then stumble.  This film captures the tragedy of these lost opportunities – which our community simply cannot afford.  We need our young people to succeed – for their sake and ours.

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One thought on ““Boys in Peril” to screen at Valley High School on March 22”
  1. Great film and brings out the topics we need to engage in with more dialogue and discussion. These are issues that face many of our youth in Santa Ana and issues I’m personally facing here in school. People always say go off to school, but no one tells you what to expect once you’re here!
    I really recommend for anyone who has time, this will be completely worth it. I cried the entire time because this hit the heart, this is our struggle.

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