Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Santa Ana Crime Scene

It was another bloody Sunday in Santa Ana today as SAPD officers found a dead middle-aged man, who is thought to have been murdered, just before 2 p.m. in a home in Santa Ana, at the 600 block of North Daisy Avenue, according to the O.C. Register.

The incident happened just south of El Salvador Park, in the Artesia-Pilar Neighborhood Association, in Santa Ana’s Ward 5, which is represented on the City Council by Councilman Roman Reyna.  The SAPD headquarters is less than a mile away from where the dead man was found.

The police were summoned to the residence in question when someone heard screams coming from that house.  The officers found the body when they arrived.

Authorities later said that a 19-year-old returned to the scene of a Santa Ana homicide and turned himself in as the suspect, according to CBS News.

The SAPD did not reveal the names of any of those involved in this incident nor did they disclose the nature of the relationship, if any, between the 19-year-old and the deceased.

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12 thoughts on “Another bloody Sunday in Santa Ana as a man is found slain by El Salvador Park”
  1. Not only did this “anomaly” take place in ward 5 it was only several thousand feet from where Councilman P. Benavides lives, not with his wife and children, but rather a repo-man, a tow truck driver who makes his living repossessing vehicles and towing the cars of immigrants.

    Someday, people who proclaim to advocate will look beyond the poverty pimps that make up the Santa Ana spring and ask what can be done to improve this neighborhood?
    Two sitting city councilmembers live a thousand feet apart, violence is increasing, drugs are more available than ever, the residents don’t won’t police intervention (anti-injunction). So what should the people do? Maybe NOTHING. just like the leaders.

  2. What does this story have anything to do with Roman Reyna? I don’t get it?? I thought elections were over already.

    1. Our Council Members are elected to represent specific wards. We like to hold them accountable for what happens in their wards. Reyna is up for reelection in 2016. If he says he reduced crime the record will prove otherwise.

      1. First of all im glad they caught the guy who did it, but i didnt know that Roman Reyna is supposed to resolve domestic issues also.

        Maybe i’ll call him to resolve my family issues too.

        1. We are holding our Council members accountable for what happens in their wards. And Reyna still hasn’t explained why a picture of him with two members of La Eme was posted on social media during his failed Mayoral campaign.

          1. Oh man, you sound like a brocken record with that eme story. If you exert the same in energy in our local city issues as you do in reposting the same old eme line, im sure the city of Santa Ana will appeciate you.. Oh by the way, im just an average citizen, my name is Jacob. Whats yours?

          2. Keep bringing up the “Eme” photo until Reyna addresses the issue…He hopes it will just go away and clearly anon aka Jacob does too.

  3. You can be sure Pablo’s planning commissioner never visits him in the neighborhood he proclaims to represent. Instead they meet over free booze in gentrified DTSA bars.

    When will the people wake up and see that these morons only represent the best interests of their donors and not the residents?

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