Wed. Feb 1st, 2023

Update: Alvarez is still ahead of McLoughlin, by 117 votes, at 9:30 pm on Saturday night, Nov. 10.

Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez is still leading as ballots continue to be counted, in her race against Mark McLoughlin and David Chapel, for Area 5 on the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Board of Trustees.

Currently Alvarez has 4,429 votes versus 4,362 for McLoughlin and 3,198 for Chapel.  There are a lot of votes left to count, according to the OC Voter Registrar:

  • Vote-by-Mails left: 2,851
  • Provisionals left: 1,814
  • Total left: 4,665

This race could still go to McLoughlin but the good news for Alvarez is that Chapel is continuing to split the white vote, and the later votes cast should be from Latino voters.

McLoughlin was part of the failed Team Benavides.  If he loses that will be a big reason for his loss.

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9 thoughts on “Update: Alvarez still leading over McCloughlin, in the RSCCD Area 5 election”
  1. In about a half hour the ROV will post the 12 run and we will see if the 67 vote lead increases or decreases.

    So close I have biten off all of my nails.

  2. Is it true that Union Boss Nick Beradino’s son is in charge of the election computers? How might that effect the outcome?

  3. 251 increased lead again

    753 vbm left to count

    1814 pro’s to count and very few of these will count as quite a few voters (students) thought they could cross boundaries and vote for measure Q. It doesn’t work that way. Any race you vote on that is not in your precinct is stripped away before counting.

    1. Chapel was the only one who actively went after the student vote so it stands to reason he might lose a few of the provisional votes.

      Alvarez appears to be hanging on…

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