Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

Just in time for the Nov. 6 election, Orange County Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly, the Democratic Party’s nominee for the 69th Assembly District, was cleared of the sexual harassment charges that had been hanging over him for weeks, according to an independent investigator hired by the County of Orange.

Daly, in a statement released by the county, said the anonymous complaint was “simply a pathetic attempt to smear me. While the lies of the anonymous complainer are appalling, so is the unnecessary waste of tax dollars spent on this investigation,” according to the L.A. Times.

Daly is of course quite wrong.  The County had a duty to investigate the charges, particularly in the wake of the Carlos Bustamante scandal.  And while Daly was cleared what that means is that the investigator could not find enough evidence to bust him.  That doesn’t mean he was innocent.

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5 thoughts on “69th A.D. candidate Tom Daly cleared of sexual harassment charges”
  1. art, Do you think this means that Orange County Manager Busty Bustamante will get off the hook as well? Is this a sign that the courts are going to go easy on Orange County Managers who may have committed sex crimes? In your opinion is Bustamante guilty or innocent?

  2. Tom was allowed to gather all those involved and meet up with his lawyer before the county hired the investigating Law firm.

    Then without a victim or witnesses forth coming the prearranged meeting with Daly’s attorney proved valuable. It was 5 people versus an anonymous 4 page piece of paper.

    Who wants to be subject to retelliation by coming forward. Retaliation, especially when it involves a friend of the OC political machine has long been documented as being the status quo. Tom was as connected as they come.

    No other county elected official was subjected to such allegations.

    Women lose with this investigation because someone was/is allowed to continue his ways with a lame investigation that involved an investigator that has absolutely no power to get the truth. It was a lawyer not a policing agencies or the DA.

    We will all wait, because a person who sexually harasses won’t stop till he’s caught with a honest investigation.

  3. The funny thing is that no one even talks about the 69th district assembly election. People who write endorsement list don’t even mention the 69th. Goes to show how insignificant Daly’s election is. He will be retired by a real candidate in 2 years. Just like know one will know he was the clerk-recorder in 6 months, no one will know who this ass clown was after 2 lackluster years in the assembly.

  4. I predict that the white man will rule for years to come.

    It could very well be the end to the “Latino Spring”, less than a decade.

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