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It looks like Orange County Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly will be holding a fundraiser on Oct. 19, at Original Mike’s in Santa Ana.  He is expected to announce his campaign for the 69th Assembly District at this event.

I am also hearing that Assemblyman Jose Solorio will be endorsing Daly at this event – even though he has also endorsed the leading candidate to replace him, Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez.

Why would Solorio undermine the value of his endorsement, such as it is, by endorsing two candidates?  Simple.  He is angling for a job.

Jordan Brandman

Solorio hired Daly’s wife and now he is hoping that Daly will beat Martinez, so that Daly’s eventual replacement at the County, his External Affairs Director Jordan Brandman, will hire Solorio to be the new, you guessed it, External Affairs Director for the O.C. Clerk-Recorder.

Solorio knows this gig very well.  This is what he used to do at the OCTA, before he ran for the State Legislature.  The job pays well and it will keep Solorio front and center until he can run for State Senator Lou Correa’s seat in 2014.

How does Daly expect to beat Martinez in a district that is majority Santa Ana and majority Latino?  Simple – Julio Perez is on the ballot to split the Latino vote.  I am hearing that the fix is in.  Perez will attack Martinez and give Daly a free pass.  If Daly wins, guess who he will hire to be his political director?  That’s right – Perez, who already does this for OC Labor.  He is not on the ballot to win.  He is just a vote-splitter.

Will the voters look past Daly’s money-wasting ways as O.C. Clerk-Recorder?  Hopefully not.  We have several more reports coming out on this guy and the news is all bad.

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7 thoughts on “Will Solorio endorse Daly for a job at the Clerk-Recorder’s office?”
  1. Well there goes your credible Mexicans like Solorio and Perez. So it is your job to dig some dirt on Solorio, like some old emails re sex scandal.

    I see it differently!

    Michele is young she is gaining some power on the council and this race should be the name recognition for 2014.

    Do not be desperate Zorro and help here other way than just blogging.

    Creative fundraising i.e. block parties with young people with $5.00 donation (to purchase Martinez sexy T-Shirt) would create an army of volunteers to knock on doors.

    Less political crapola more fun would do that. Daly or Perez are demagnetized for that.

    She should fight on her grounds and rules not on theirs.

    Question is does she knows that?

  2. Another suggestion!

    She should get permit to cruise Bristol once per month with her constituency cruisers. The 100ts of cars expose Daly and Peres as losers.

    Entry to cruise, registration to vote.

    Another, get business sponsor on TV3 and conduct lot of entertaining events like give kiss for a dollar or some realty show with Michele going to Sacramento.

    Or fitness hour with Michele (aerobics)

    Bike rides. Camping.

    I think Micadeit did it but not council member she could spend weekend in SA zoo like exhibit.

    All these things get coverage and if done properly it is better than riding on Firetruck or convertible.

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

  3. The Board of Supervisors should appoint someone with experience not just a political person who is looking for a job.

    Look what happen with John Williams what a loser just like Tom Daly!

  4. How Michell speculate to get the Latino support, when she does not support the Property Owners ,not even her own Ward 3. Ignoring all their issues and turning her back to them, that all she does……….talk, talk and talk and NO ACTION.

    May be Daly will be interested in the PBID case which Michell has not been able to do NOTHING !

    If Solorio endorse Daly, may be is the right person for the job.

    1. I think she will come around eventually on the PBID. She is at least from Santa Ana. Daly and Perez are from Anaheim.

      Martinez says she will move the Assembly office to Downtown Santa Ana. Daly and Perez will keep it in Anaheim.

  5. Jordan Brandman is a momma’s boy. He looks great in that apron. Funny because currently he is Daly’s little b*tch. He has the title of External Affairs Director but sits in a tiny cubicle inside Jean Pasco’s office. That office is about 50 feet from Daly’s actual office.

    Basically Daly has an in house campaign office run by the former L.A. Times and O.C. Register reporter. Is this legal for an elected official to campaign during county time? he has emails all his staff at their personal e-mails for support and donations. She has friends at both places and Daly pays her almost 6 figures to protect his stupidity from the media. This is why the O.C. Register never writes anything about him. As for Solorio, I personally know he hates Daly, everytime Daly was to meet with him he only gives him 2 incoherent seconds for the photo and then leaves. The photo at top was taken by a friend. Daly was there to kiss some Solorio ass, Solorio looked drunk shook his hand for the pic and left. But now that he wants a job, its time for Solorio to kiss ass Daly. What a hipocrate. We will see if the Board appoints Jordan, a democrat, to replace Tommy boy if he wins.

  6. I saw loose pants Daly with Ana the other day. I wonder who he will take to the fundraiser? Debbie, his wife, me, the officeho, or Ana , his mistress? Chantha, mistress? Martha, soon to be divorced mistress? Adrienne, young mistress? Lorretta Sanchez, old mistress?

    When will the County investigate this pastee ass guy? If you think Bustamante was bad. Daly makes him look like Mother Teresa!!!!

    Why is HR and the Board protecting this guy? Tom? Rob? Carl?

    If one of these ladies ever go public the $48 million we just lost will be chump change compare to the money we will have pay out.

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