Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Good grief.  Just when you thought the Nadia Lockyer affair and rehab scandal could not get any worse, a sex tape has allegedly emerged, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, which reported that Nadia’s husband, California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, “believed that the man, who has a history of arrests for alleged methamphetamine use, might make the tape public if forced to break off a romantic relationship with the supervisor.”

Bill accused Nadia’s “ex-lover” of beating her up after she met him at a motel.  “Stephen Chikhani (pictured above), the man Nadia Lockyer is accusing of attacking her, denied her account. He told the Oakland Tribune that the only truths were “that I have a record and that they were separated. … Pretty much everything else was made up by her husband.” The 35-year-old San Jose man has not been charged,” according to the Oakland Tribune, which refused to endorse Nadia when she ran for the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in 2010.

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