Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Will Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez change the way she meets with residents in the wake of the horrific rampage in Tucson that left six people dead and terribly wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford?

Sanchez has always been good about meeting with her constituents.  She has often set up shop in front of local supermarkets, which is what Gifford was doing when the shooting in Tucson occurred.  Sanchez also attends many local events and marches in both the Tet Parade, in Little Saigon, and the Fiestas Patrias Parade, in Downtown Santa Ana.  Can she still do that, safely?

Are any of our local politicians safe at these parades?

And it isn’t just Sanchez we have to worry about.  What about her constituents?  The folks killed in Tucson included a Judge, and all were there just to see Gifford.  The dead includes a little nine year old girl.

Can Sanchez still engage in business as usual?  And what about Assemblyman Jose Solorio and State Senator Lou Correa?  Will they also need armed guards while they go out and meet their constituents?

Solorio likes to meet folks at coffee shops.  Correa is just everywhere!  He even took part in covering up graffiti last year in Stanton.

Can any of these legislators still do what they do, without at least doing something to enhance security when they are out in public?

Will the Tucson shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, inspire other disturbed people to do the same?

I remember a post written by a former local blogger a few years ago, when he visited Sanchez at a Stater Brothers.  According to the blogger, a bunch of unhinged backers of Lyndon Larouche showed up to complain about maglev trains.  He wrote that they were chanting and making a huge commotion.  Would that bunch get away with that today?  Or would they be viewed as a security risk and get tasered and dragged off in chains?

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6 thoughts on “Will Sanchez need security when meeting the public, after Tucson shooting?”
  1. We are very lucky that our elected officials like Loretta, Lou and Jose are so accessible to us. This has been they way they have operated since being elected. Loretta is always out meeting with her constituents, something B-1 Bob rarely did.

    When I first heard about the shooting my thoughts went right to Loretta. The stuff I read on the Register site is so filled with hatred and vitriol that I really fear that some crack pot may be emboldened and try to hurt her. I pray this never happens.

    I think that if she can’t get police/congressional protection that her supporters may think about offering volunteer protective services for her events. It is a shame that we would even have to entertain such thoughts.

  2. Mr. Mill is correct. We have been fortunate to have visible leaders here in Orange County, not just faces that come across on digital screens. We all need to watch each other’s backs and protect the people that actually care to take on political responsibility.

  3. So only Latino Democrats are at risk in scary Orange County? And the race-baiting continues. The fact is that there are scores of unbalanced, delusional, crazy people in our world. Some have political leanings, many don’t. And any of them can attempt the same heinous act that Loughner did as long as we live in a free society. If ANY legislator wants more protection, I am all for it. But when we continue with this useless fear-mongering, polarizing rhetoric on here (at least Art didn’t link to the Palin map) it doesn’t serve anyone, particularly those who lost their lives or are struggling to stay alive as a result of this tragedy.

  4. Anonymous: as much as your comment is touching, we all know the truth, we all know why that happened, or at least what was ONE reason why. Its clear, the right is polarizing this country. Ever since Obama was elected, it seemed like a seed of hate was planted by the republicans, and now has finally turned into a small green plant. That massacre would have never happened, it SHOULDN’T have happened. The bastard killed a nine year old girl! Why? because he is crazy, and secondly, because Fox news is good at spitting c****. Lets stop denying this please.

  5. Why is it that liberal women are as thick as the day is long?

    You voted for a President who is a disaster! I would not have voted for the guy to run a lemonade stand!!

    We as Conservatives can slag, and say what ever we want about the man because he is in touch with his female liberal side; in other words; he is a complete idiot!

    I know its mean to call you an idiot, but really you are! Listen to yourself! If you had taken the time to actually do some homework about Jared L. you can clearly see that indeed he shares all of your beliefs; but alas he was also willing to kill for it because he was not only stupid, but nuts!

    There is nothing wrong with telling the truth and the truth is that liberals like jared smoke pot, hate religion, despise the normal conservative lifestyle and think man is a pest on this earth. He also hated news, radio talk show’s and I am sure like you, did not watch a news channel that most Americans watch!

    So the only thing to stop denying is that you are thick and liberal Chelsea and hopefully you are not as nuts a jared!

    K. Ok!

  6. And by the way I did not vote for McCain either! I would have voted for Hillary!

    As she has aged she has lost her liberal stupid side a lot!

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