Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

The SAPD has issued additional information about one of the shootings we reported about earlier today.

In this latest incident a person was shot around noon today, in what is being called a possible gang-related attack, at the 1400 block of West 10th St., according to the O.C. Register.

One person was struck in the chest by a bullet and was taken to a local hospital in an unknown condition. The police did not release the name of the victim and no description of the attackers was announced.

This latest shooting occurred just south of Santa Ana College and Wilson Elementary School, in Santa Ana’s Ward 5, which is represented by Councilman Roman Reyna.

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The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

2 thoughts on “Victim shot in the chest today in a possible gang shooting at 1400 W. 10th St.”
  1. Found this on reddit

    “There is definitely a gang war going on based on what I see on a daily basis. My block is hot AF, my apartment building and the alley behind my place is constantly a site for tagging, and not the artistic kind. The whole block is marked off by “CW” and I’ve come home to “Lopers” tagged all across the garage doors and gates on multiple occasions. There are constant shootings and cops racing down the alley and through the neighborhood. The tags I see are always X-ed out, usually right before another shooting is heard. Constantly see kids (santa ana high presumably) in the alley slanging and a couple were running from the cops, saw a couple older dudes keeping watch.

    I’ve talked to the cops about it before when I was stopped for questioning just trying to get to my car, and they are definitely not trying to get news coverage on it. On one occasion, I came home to fire trucks and ambulances on my street and they were wheeling away someone who had gotten shot. I asked a fireman what had happened since it was right outside my building, and he told me nothing and to leave the scene immediately, however a police officer was willing to explain the situation to me without being a dick. A guy recording all of this happening was told to stop and leave. I’m assuming it is because of the close proximity to the downtown area (just south of 1st and broadway

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