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There have been 12 Weapons Reports, Assaults with a Deadly Weapon and Armed Disturbing the Peace Reports incidents in Santa Ana since yesterday, January 11, 2016, according to CrimeMapping. None of these have been reported to the local media by the SAPD.

There were also four DUI arrests in Santa Ana on Monday, Jan. 11, and no less than 17 reports of Domestic Violence and Assault/Battery over the past two days.

Crimes in Santa Ana on Jan. 11 and 12, 2016

The four shootings (Weapons Reports) took place at:

When will this gang war end?

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6 thoughts on “The shootings have continued in Santa Ana this week with four incidents reported since Monday”
  1. The date in the article says January 11,2015. If that’s correct, this info is a year old. Since it says “yesterday” I’m assuming this is an editing error

  2. It’s all going to be ok. City Councilmember Pablo David Benavides got to marry one of the honeys he cheated on his wife and kids with. City Mismanager David Cavazos is screwing his way through City Hall and the taxpayers wallets. Vincent Sarmiento drives down occasionally from his home in Orange Park Acres to meet with union folks about funding his ill advised run for County Supervisor. Roman Reyna is functionally illiterate and unable to hold a job but hopes to cash in on all the Poseidon money from the water desalination. Salvador Tinajero is pimping for the marijuana industry for cash while Angelica Amezcua is busy grading papers from her third grade class during council meetings. No wonder Santana is a mess.

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