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Next Tuesday, Sept. 11, the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation is inviting the community to come to their preschool’s open house, from 5 to 7 pm at 2033 West Edinger St., in Santa Ana.

Norma Ortiz, of La Mirada, is the preschool director at the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF) in Santa Ana.  MAOF is the nation’s largest Latino-serving social service organization that helps children and families in need.

Ortiez was taking a course at the University of Phoenix and she had the option of making up a project or applying for an actual grant. She saw an opportunity to bring a playground to her preschool and she ran with it.

She drafted the grant to build the playground on site at the Foundation. As described in the grant, the playground would be utilized for the Foundation’s preschool program, and would be open for members of the community to enjoy. After meeting with numerous community residents and officials, and submitting the grant, Ortiz was notified that the grant was accepted.

Ortiz mobilized more than 400 volunteers to build the playground, and in one day the group successfully completed the project. The playground currently serves children with two basketball courts, a play structure, hopscotch, hand-painted murals on the walls, a community garden and free play space.

“It is so rewarding to see how many children love the new playground and how quickly it has become a staple in our community,” said Ortiz. “I am very thankful to Kaboom for funding the grant and to University of Phoenix, for giving me to tools I needed and the encouragement to make this dream a reality. University of Phoenix truly provides an innovative experience that directly relates to real-world skills. Having the ability to put my education to use and benefit my community is a tremendous feeling.”

The playground now includes, among other amenities, two basketball courts, a play structure, hopscotch, hand-painted murals on the walls and a huge community garden. The playground was such a success that enrollment for the preschool attached to the center increased immediately. “In four days,” Ortiz says, “we filled our enrollment for the next fiscal year, because of the playground.”

Again, this was part of a school course…she’s one of tens of thousands of unsung heroes, non traditional students who are bettering themselves, their future and their communities.

On Nov. 3, Ortiz will graduate with a BS in Human Services.  Congratulations to Ortiz!  I also graduated from the University of Phoenix, back in 2003.  I completed by coursework in education at the UOP, allowing me to teach at Cerritos College, which I have done since 2003.

It is great to see someone like Ortiz making a difference with her education, right here in Santa Ana!

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