Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

A group of Trump backers had a protest across from Santa Ana College a few days ago and they got into a fracas with counter-protesters. As you can see in the video above the Trumpers were saying some awful things to the locals.

Eventually the anti Trumpers rushed the protest and grabbed the flags and started to assail the Trumpers.

At one point, as seen in the video, the Trumpers are beating up and kicking one of the counter protesters who gets bloodied in the attack.

Then the SAPD showed up and of course they arrested the guys who got beat up by the Trumpers.

Seems like a bad idea for the Trumpers to rally in Santa Ana. How did they expect that would work out?

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6 thoughts on “Trump rally turns into a melee, near Santa Ana College”
  1. Why shouldn’t President Trump supporters rally for him? Tell the antis to leave!!! Trump supporters have rights too!!!!!!

    1. Well he’s gone now…quit drinking the kool aid, clean yourself up in and out, get back to your family and live a good life!

        1. Who’s a commie? Putin. Who ‘s a Putin Dick sucker? Trump. Guess that makes you a commie Dick sucker’s dick sucker

  2. The article leaves the question, how did the Trump supporters think it would turn out protesting in Santa Ana?? Looks like, exactly how they knew it would. Commies getting their indoctrinated assess kicked in.

  3. You can clearly see the brass knuckles on the Trump hater – they went in there to incite and cause violence. The homie Trump haters started the violence by attacking defenseless women. This was a Latinos For Trump rally – 80% Hispanic

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