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Did you know that the Santa Ana Unified School District charges $180 an hour for community groups and non-profits to use their basketball gyms?  Keep in mind that our taxes paid to build those gyms – and our taxes pay the salaries of the overpaid SAUSD school administrators.  This is just wrong!

The fees are so costly that the Santa Ana West NJB (National Junior Basketball) is scrambling to raise money and to find other facilities where their kids can learn to play youth basketball.

Jacqueline Arcadia Barba, the mother of four who runs this organization also reached out to administrators at Santa Ana College and they blew her off.  Yes, our taxes paid for their buildings too.

What in the world is going on in this city when facilities we paid to build are shut off to the community?  Sure they are available – at totally ridiculous prices!

I suppose this is what we get for electing School Board Trustees who generally don’t have kids – or whose kids have long ago grown up.

If you can help by donating money to Santa Ana West NJB click here.  Or if you belong to an organization, such as a private school or church, that can provide them with a gym, click here.

Please know that they tried to work with the City of Santa Ana but their gyms are all booked already.

If you want to contact the SAUSD School Board Members, good luck.  They no longer list any email addresses on their website! Fortunately I have some of their personal contact information available, as follows:

If you want to contact the members of the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Board of Trustees, good luck with that too.  They have one generic email address for the entire board (still better than the SAUSD School Board which provides no such email address).  That address is  Here is their personal contact info:

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