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Santa Ana 2017 Shootings

2017 is starting off just like 2016 started….WITH A BANG!!! And by BANG we mean lots of SHOOTINGS.

In the first 9 days of January 2017, there have been 9 different shooting incidents reported by the SAPD. The cycle just seems to keep repeating itself, and we hear the streets of Santa Ana are becoming more violent. Most Santa Ana residents can’t understand while all this violence is happening in our city, and want to feel safe in their communities.

Remember last year when the City Council Member tried to convince us crime was down in Santa Ana?

Remember last year when the City Council tried to tell us the city does not keep track of violent crime incidents like shootings and stabbings in Santa Ana?


So we decided to keep track of ALL THE VIOLENT CRIME INCIDENTS FOR 2017 in Santa Ana and share them on a Google Map for all of us to see. Any shootings, stabbings, and pedestrian/bicyclists incidents in Santa Ana will be placed on this map and shared every month to remind city officials.

(Pic of Google Map showing the 9 shootings)

Here is a list of all the reported nine shootings so far in 2017:

Date                            Location                                  SAPD Incident #
Jan. 3rd                         Washington & Ross                 2017-00252
Jan. 4th                         17th & N. Ross                          2017-00336
Jan. 5th                         518 S. Sullivan                         2017-00463
Jan. 6th                         Harvard & Griset                    2017-00544
Jan. 6th                         1900 W. Myrtle                       2017-00574
Jan. 7th                         1500 N. Durant                       2017-00678
Jan. 8th                         Birch & Chestnut                    2017-00746/750
Jan. 9th                         Shelton & Highland               2017-00814
Jan 9th                          400 S. Birch                            2017-00846

If you hear or know of any violent crime incidents in the city, please send us a message at or on our Facebook page.

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One thought on “The SAPD has reported nine shootings in Santa Ana since Jan. 1”
  1. Hahaha how can most residents not understand? Let’s spell it out to them. Drugs are no longer illegal, so addicts are doing whatever they can to get their hands on it. That means robberies and property crimes are up. And since it’s only a ticket if you get busted with anything, they don’t care. Then you got these little wanna be gang bangers getting all crazy cuz their parents don’t discipline their asses, and they’re tagging up all the walls and trying to act all grown up, so they strap themselves up, and start shooting places cuz they think that’s the way to get respect. The reason that citizen’s don’t feel “Safe” in their communities is because they don’t take a stand against this crap and come forward with information to help the cops. Ask any cop out there, no one ever sees anything when there’s shootings.

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