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The SAPD has figured out who died in the June 10 mobile home fire and two suspects are now under arrest for the murders.

The SAPD investigators believe that that one of the men they arrested, Jason Philip Blanchard, 43, got into an argument with one of the victims over property. However the SAPD has not yet identified an exact motive.

The victims were a couple who were dating. The SAPD identified them as Steven Christian Lucero, 30, and Jillian Alise Jones, 33. Witnesses told the SAPD that shots were fired at the scene either before or after the fire started.

Blanchard was arrested in Barstow on June 13 on suspicion of murder, arson and use of an incendiary device. Police arrested an unnamed second suspect on Wednesday in Apple Valley. That suspect won’t be identified until the arrest charges can be determined.

The mobile home fire happened on June 19 after 10 p.m. at the 5000 block of W. McFadden Avenue. Lucero’s body was found the night of the fire, and police announced on June 15 that Jones’ body had been found.

Police believe the fire was an act of arson and was set deliberately.

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13 thoughts on “The SAPD has identified the victims of the June 10 mobile home fire and arrested two suspects”
  1. Why has it never been mentioned that there were two other people that lived in this house? One of which was in the house.

  2. on the day of the arrest in Barstow why is it the Cop parked his patrol car and drove off in the guys car. sounds like tampering with evidence to me. that car should of been towed. who knows what was done to that car.

  3. Maybe the nasty meth smoking bag whore who was hitch hiking with him should talk to the investigators about what the flip bitch knows! Instead of hiding and writing the dude with your kids non biological fathers grandmas address! Put the pipe down hoe and let them know what you know you dirty hoe! Or r u too busy trying to commit more bank fraud! Hah

  4. Jason/Grumpy got set up… He was the perfect Pawn to be used/accused of being accountable for the events that occurred that Unfortunate night. He was doing GOOD at that time n there’s a HUgE reason that the 2nd Person name has STILL not been made public… Seriously WTF is that about.. think about it WHATEVER the reason is, it’s Obviously a statement or something that basically puts Jason as the main person to cause the fire and deaths… I believe the 2nd person made stuff up to cover his own ass, and Unfortunately for Jason his previous cases don’t exactly help him look good in the eyes of the POLICE/JUDGE OR ANYONE WHO HAS/IS investigating the Case. I’m certain that the other person was/isand continues to makes stuff up that puts Jason name and reputation on the line in the worst way.if u know Grumpy yes he has criminal history BUT Honestly he is not capable of Murder and Arson n idk what other major charges.. he is who is but I Do know him and I Dont/can’t believe that Jason would be able to actually commit these kinds of crimes. He doesn’t have that kind of evil in him I KNOW IT . let’s say if they’re was a comparison most likely Jason would be the Most likely person to carry out the events that I happened that night, over Who ever Suspect #2,is. It’s absolutely Uphauling that Still at this point in the case the 2nd acussed name is and d Apparently will not be released to the public, that’s absolutely Amazing and shows that this 2nd accessed is or has made some lies up And put anything he could on jason.. its Freaking honestly Major possible misconduct amongst how the two are and have been treated. There’s def something UP with this shit, I mean it’s like unheard of. Perhaps this 2nd accussed is a undercover cop or some kind of informant.. but I guarantee he’s been lying but seems like the Police and DA seem to like his statements and are focused on Only Jason! Especially bc the name has NOT been released and seems like will Continue to stay that way, YA okay this 2nd person is Soo obviously for probably like 90% of what Really happened but he got to to the cop’s n just put it all on poor Jason, that’s my opinion I highly doubt im wrong, Jason is Not one to deny an act of… N I did write him n he straight up, said it was a set up!! I’m totally 8n belief of that fact, he was just chilling with a person who already a Plan to carry for who knows what reason but the 2nd guy was the One who wanted/mentioned going to that home that night. It wasn’t a previous stop for him or his I guess Friend???? I f anyone knows the name of the 2nd guy PLEASE let me know, or just let it be known to the Public, please just imagine if you were Grumpy you would be praying to God or anything for the truth to come out. I know I would,, he got set up People, if you can help in any way please contact me at… I won’t mention ur name or any info you could. Would/and will be in email. I=the only Person I would talk to is Jason himself,, ok please no one will be hurt Except Jason if you decide to not say what you know.. think about that, You possibly knowing anything about that night or his whereabouts the following days ANd u just decide to say F it n keep quiet DUDE.. You would be a part of Why JASON/GRUMPY Would be doing mad time like Life, he’s only like 43… It’s not right deep down he doesn’t deserve these possible life terms. Well my email is I hope to God n All that matters in this world that just someone/anyone comes thru for him, F it fine if not for then perhaps for ur soul/conscious. Trust me it’s true stuff like that could possibly pick a person apart. I appreciate anyone that took their time to read my message. I wish You All Well!! Have a wonderful Wednesday

  5. Unfortunately at this point in the case still suspect number two still unnamed but their work cameras apparently located throughout the entire mobile park home so that should tell some people out there that Mr Blanchard Jason the whole neighborhood has videos and cameras just so you all know and by the way I heard a lot of people turn their backs on him that’s pretty messed up I mean if you were him when she want one or two friends while you it’s not an easy thing to go through especially if you got set up!!! &

    1. Omg… idk who you are but F YEAH Finally someone who is like actually on his team…i was losing hope their for a moment but hey GOOD for YOU Anonymous shot if U know him U know hes got more friends than emenies..Right on… ill printing these out for Mr.Blanchard/Grumpy/Jason .. Just so you know… why not Right

  6. So Still No mention of 2nd suspect name, Yet That Entire Mobile Home Residence Has CAMERAS everywhere! obviously Public doesn’t and cannot access All the recordings from that night, YET the Police Do in face have a Video Recording that Clearly shows Jason/Grumpy entering AND LEAVING THE Mobile Home with No Fire weapons or any other such Incriminating factors , he and Suspect #2 both were seen on several cameras throughout neighborhood entering and leaving without Any concern, focus, smell, vapors etc that would/has IMPLICATED Jason/Grumpy to be a Part of the Arson. And Murders, OC Police and Gang Unit collaboration seems to have just went with the most easiest Plasable Person/persons for this particular case. There IS SOoo much the Police gang unit and the Neighbors ARE withholding!!! well lucky for us TODAY technology is a normal and Huge factor in OUR daily lives, which could mean a camera or home INSTALLED DEVICE Could/would/or hS BEEN Accessed and Tampered with! This is not what it looks it , idk who killed those people in the Mobile Home or who set up the fire BuT I Do Know it Was NOT Jason Blanchard aka Grumpy, hope this finds anyone who still knows or even. Cares about Jason, I know unfortunately A LOT of people turned on him,or you could say just forgot about him BC ??? Well that I don’t know and I don’t understand! But in time the Truth Eventually has a way of rearing its Ugly head.

  7. If he’s the same guy I knew at CIM he’s a total dirtbag. Lock his worthless ass up, and throw away the key

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