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On Tuesday, June 18, the City of Santa Ana City Council approved a $646 million budget for fiscal year 2019-20. The total budget is comprised of $316 million in the general fund; $76.5 million in restricted and special revenue funds; $128 million in enterprise operations; $70.6 million in grant funds; and, $55 million in capital expenditures. The approved, balanced budget reflects City Council priorities based on public input from the various City’s Community Budget Meetings and workshops.

“I am very pleased to see that the City Council has been presented with a balanced budget that includes significant investments in quality of life for our residents and businesses. This year the City will be celebrating its 150th anniversary and I am confident that the investments outlined in this budget will continue to make Santa Ana a prosperous and thriving community for all to enjoy,” said Mayor Miguel Pulido.

Under the new budget, $4.6 million will be set aside for additional staffing for park maintenance, code enforcement, public safety, libraries and recreational programming. Another $2.5 million will address pending maintenance and repairs in the City’s parks. The budget also includes funds for private park security and the establishment of a Family Justice Center.

During fiscal year 2019-20, staff also expects to work with the Youth Commission to distribute the $3.1 million in cannabis revenues reserved for youth services. These funds will benefit a range of youth programs including the Santa Ana Teen Space Center, tutoring, internship and the Catalina youth program.

Along with the budget, the Council also approved the proposed Seven-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) which will fund $59.1 million in capital improvement projects during fiscal year 2019-20 and a grand total of $140.2 million through fiscal year 2025-26. Proposed projects include park facility improvements, arterial street rehabilitation, local street resurfacing, streetlight rewiring and repairs, traffic signal synchronization, and automated metering implementation.

The Fiscal Year 2019-20 City Budget is available to view at

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Santa Ana is downtown for the world famous Orange County, California. As the County Seat, home to a vibrant evening scene and one of the most diverse communities in California, Santa Ana is gaining national attention for its efforts to innovate and address a changing County. Over 1,200 City employees work hard every day to deliver efficient public services in partnership with our community to ensure public safety, a prosperous economic environment, opportunities for our youth, and a high quality of life for residents. Learn more at

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  1. Did the Mayor slip in his $500,000.00 personal private clay surface tennis courts into the budget?

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