Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Kim Riker moved her company, Rice Drywall Inc., a 45-year-old family business, to Santa Ana from its longtime home in South El Monte back in 2010. She must surely regret that now! The City of Santa Ana has actually fined her business $800 for the mess left outside their walls by a homeless vagrant, according to the O.C. Register.

This is outrageous! It is obvious that the city workers who issued a fine to Rice Drywall, Inc. are completely worthless and should be fired. This ridiculous action also means that we need to ensure that we get new leadership on the City Council. Fortunately several of the incumbents are termed out. One of them, Mayor Pro Tem Michele Martinez, was contacted by Riker – and did not bother to respond to her constituent.

Another incumbent, Councilman Sal Tinajero, has been running the City Council as head of the Council majority for several years. Yet he consistently blames Mayor Miguel Pulido for everything even though Pulido has only one vote and cannot move the Council’s agenda. Now Tinajero is pushing for a sales tax increase, Measure X. And he is running for Mayor. God forbid that he get elected to that position!

How about we enforce the laws already on our books and arrest any vagrants caught littering, defecating in public, or are observed shooting up drugs or being under the influence in public?

There are plenty of opportunities to help the homeless who want help – but the vagrants who are ruining our community need to feel the full force of the law.

Fining Santa Ana businesses because the City of Santa Ana is too lame to keep our streets clean and safe is simply abominable! It is pouring salt in the wound to try to increase the sales tax at the same time.

Vote no on Measure X and reject Tinajero. And please don’t vote for any of his City Council candidates – particularly Roman Reyna. We need to clean house at Santa Ana’s City Hall once and for all.

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One thought on “The City of Santa Ana has fined a local business for a mess made by a homeless vagrant!”
  1. There’s more to this story than you know. Rumor is Riker allowed homeless to sleep, pitch tents etc on her property.

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