Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

School Board Member Ceci Iglesias just informed us here on New Santa Ana that 287 pink slips are being given to school employees. Now Santa Ana teacher and City Councilman Tinajero is allowing layoffs too.

Register article says: “The jobs listed for possible elimination include 100 K-6 teachers, 50 middle school teachers, 47 in the high schools and another 21 K-12 teachers who provide special education services and several assistant principals and program specialists. The list includes 70 teachers who hold temporary positions.”

Now Sal as a Councilman is turning away millions of dollars in annual revenue from the contract with ICE at the city jail. This will lead to lay offs at city hall and the jail, and less in salary increases for everyone else. Isn’t Sal pro-union? To top it off, apparently the ICE inmates now will have to go from now and into the future to some horrible private for-profit jail in Adelanto.

We’re sure he’s promised the unions in the past that he is against outsourcing and killing public union jobs, but that’s what he’s doing  here. Councilmembers Martinez and Benavides voted with him, but he’s been the one hogging up the press on this issue. He loves to placate the lefties and activists from groups like Raiz and Resilience OC. Great company for him.

We hear he also still works on the side for marijuana companies in town. So marijuana jobs are ok, but not city jail jobs. Ok Sal. Tell that to the kids to teach.

As his coworkers at SAUSD pray for keeping their jobs, hopefully Sal can pray for them also and maybe even the employees that work under his watch in the city. City employees have families too.

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6 thoughts on “Shame on Santa Ana Teacher/Councilman Sal Tinajero for allowing worker layoffs”
  1. Sounds like police officers aren’t business people or they would have found another tenant. Police need to think ahead a little.

      1. So what you’re saying is ICE is the only possible tenant? No one believes that except, maybe, the police. Again, the officers need to put their thinking caps on.

        1. Let’s put this in a way you might understand. The City owes a ton of money for the jail construction debt. We had a tenant lined up, ICE, to pay for those bills. The City Council voted to dump them, in a few years, without lining up another tenant. Then Pres. Trump punished our city council by canceling the ICE contract in a mere 90 days. You see? This is all very irresponsible on the City Council’s part.

  2. Now we will see who will pay for the losses. The city residents and business with higher taxes I bet.

  3. The city’s residents will have to see what’s next to cover the costs. Higher property taxes along with higher business taxes. Thank your council for this city of Santa Ana.

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