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Santa Ana Police Chief Carlos Rojas (pictured in the middle)

Santa Ana Police Department, Office of the Chief of Police

Memo To: ​​Gerardo Mouet, Acting City Manager​

From:​​ Carlos Rojas, Chief of Police

Date: ​April 19, 2017

Subject: ​Resignation

For over 27 years, I have had the privilege and honor to serve the business owners, residents and all community members of this wonderful city. This memo will serve as my intent to resign as the Chief of Police for the City of Santa Ana.

I have currently come to an employment agreement with another organization. I expect my last day on city payroll to be June 9, 2017.

At this time, I believe it would be prudent to appoint an Acting Police Chief. This will allow for a seamless transition as I separate from the Department.

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7 thoughts on “SAPD Police Chief Carlos Rojas has resigned”
  1. Good riddance!! You will NOT be missed. You tried your best to ruin the legacy of Our Chief Paul Walters and guess what…his name forever will be displayed front and center in the entrance to our building. Yours will forever be spoken in the same breath with the collective bowel movements of the 500 transients in the civic center.

  2. Typical 2! I this and I that. Don’t bother thanking the members of the department.

    This is a great day for the city of Santa Ana.

    For all you ass kissing greedy YES men, your day will soon come.

  3. Well as a person of the younger generation! First god damn shots fired and second adios douche canoe!

  4. Yes, good riddance asshole Rojas, you have ruined many sections within SAPD. Karma is a BITCH isn’t it? You deserve the shame for turning your back on the department and hopefully your crony bunch will follow not far behind you!

  5. Carlos Rojas is and was a complete failure. I wish you the best but your to stupid to know right from wrong. A complete DISGRACE!!!

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