Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

¡Otro Mundo Es Posible! – Another World Is Possible!

Join Orange County Communities for Santa Ana’s May Day March.  Meet at Sasscer Park on the corner of Ross/5th at 3pm, on May 1.  Click here to RSVP.

Unite for Action, Equality and Human Rights – Platform:


*Comprehensive Immigration Reform – full legalization

*DREAM Act – to create a pathway for undocumented students

*No Raids – stop separation of families
*No to 287g or Secure Communities – stop criminalization
*No to SB 1070 – stop racist legislation in AZ and the US


*Day Laborer Rights
*End Budget Cuts


*End Budget Cuts
*Youth Rights
*Stop Gang injunctions
*Stop Tuition Hikes


*Gay Marriage – equality for all
*Indigenous Rights – in all communities


*SACReD (Santa Ana Collaborative for Responsible Development) & SABHC (Santa Ana Building a Healthy Community) – Bringing the community to the table as an equal partner for decision making

Bring signs and music!

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