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What language did Ben use when he approached these very young ladies, at a No Doubt concert?

The Amezcua campaign was out in full force at last night’s Santa Ana City Council meeting.  We have already chronicled how they resorted to lame miming and then refused to take the podium, as they had nothing to say.

I wonder if Amezcua will now step up to the defense of Alex Vega, a Santa Ana resident who commented last night, in Spanish.  When Vega was leaving he was accosted by Ben Grabiel, a member of the Apartment Owners Association of Orange County.  Grabiel cursed at Vega and demanded to know why he did not speak in English.

Alex Vega with Assemblyman Jose Solorio and Ruben Martinez

For the record, our residents have the express right to speak in whatever language they want to!

I wonder if Grabiel forces his renters to speak in English only as well?

Amezcua, by the way, is still harping about last night’s meeting, on Facebook – even though his acolyte, Albert Castillo, was silent, and his supporter, Rueben Alvarez, was miming.  No one abridged their rights to speak, except for themselves!

So will Amezcua and Castillo speak up for Vega’s rights?  We truly doubt it…

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9 thoughts on “Santa Ana resident accosted for speaking in Spanish at Council meeting”
  1. it’s difficult to defend someone who’s demonstrated bad character. People have the right to speak in any language and for it to be translated. What did the council members say, did they defend his right or turn their chair to each other in confusion.

  2. lucy,

    You are so right! I should have the right to speak in celtic language if I wish. The fact you don’t understand it, as little to do with me!

    This is an English speaking country, if you don’t speak English I suggest you learn it, or go back to your native country with your native language!

    1. Michelle,

      I truly doubt you know the Celtic tongue. It is a dead language to begin with and you are barely literate in English. Mentirosa!

  3. “that girl in the middle…WOW”

    MQ says:

    yeah, yeah… Please, keep your boobs to yourself unless your prepared to spend your own money on the out come!

    No pun intended!

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