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Alvar Albert Gonzalez
Alvar Albert Gonzalez

Santa Ana Police Department

Advisory: SAPD & SA School Police Arrest Teacher For Unlawful Sex With A Minor Student

On 9/4/15, after a joint investigation between the Santa Ana Police Department and the Santa Ana Unified School District Police, detectives arrested Alvar Albert Gonzalez, 45, of Santa Ana, for possessing/producing obscene matter and unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.

The female victim first met the suspect when she was in his class her freshman year at Santa Ana High School. In 2013, Gonzalez arranged to meet the 16-year- old victim in his classroom during school lunch breaks. There, Gonzalez allegedly engaged in consensual sexual intercourse with the victim on over 9 occasions. This activity was initially not reported.

Alvar Gonzalez class of 1988, Santa Ana High School
Alvar Gonzalez class of 1988, Santa Ana High School

In 2014, Gonzalez approached a second female student and kissed her. As a result of that incident, Gonzalez was placed on administrative leave by the Santa Ana Unified School District. While investigating this incident, Santa Ana Unified District Officials discovered inappropriate electronic images of youthful looking females on Gonzalez’ electronic media storage devices. Detectives identified one of these females by name, located her, and obtained her statement. Further investigation revealed additional images depicting criminal activity between Gonzalez and the victim occurring in 2013.

At this time, detectives continue to investigate the possibility there are additional victims. The Santa Ana Police Department is requesting members of the public to call detectives if they suspect Gonzalez had inappropriate contact with other students. Please call Santa Ana Police Detectives at (714) 245-8542 to report inappropriate contact with Gonzalez.

Alvar Albert Gonzalez
Alvar Albert Gonzalez

Gonzalez is being charged with 311.11(a) CPC (Possess/Produce Obscene Matter of Person Under 18) and 261.5 (c) CPC (Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a minor). Gonzalez was booked into the Santa Ana Jail.


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39 thoughts on “Santa Ana High School teacher arrested for unlawful sex with a minor student”
  1. Y las estudiantas muy santitas no? We have to be real there’s lots of girls out there in HS dressed like they are going to the club and yes there are some out there tryna provoke teachers…I have a friend who is a substitute teacher and he tells me about indirect comments he gets from young ladies at times…so both are as guilty in my eyes

    1. Are you f**king stupid, doesnt matter if the student is provoking the teacher. The teacher is an adult in the situation and should stop any inappropriate behavior as soon as possible, not further it

    2. Muy cierto, es ahi donde empiesan los padres a enseñarle a sus hijos como vestir, en pocas palabras a enseñarle lo que es respeto y valorez. Ah no, ahora si muy aterradas. Vola d mitoteras

    3. It’s true. That 16 year old girl was always after him I was in his class… ella lo buscaba igual o mas que el a ella. She isn’t a victim. Yes, he was wrong to go along with it. In no way does it justify his actions however she is not inoccent. It was always obvious they had a thing.

    1. This teacher is in trouble because minors cannot legally consent to sex. He put his education and career at risk for no good reason. Why some teachers think they can get away with this is a very good question.

      1. THAT is 100% incorrect. Please take a moment to peruse the California Penal Code before making comments that might make someone commit a sex crime and possibly lead to mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender. There is no, zero, mention of ‘adult’ or ‘teacher’ in this state’s law.

        Penal Code 261.5 deals with old fashioned intercourse and reads “ANY person who engages in an act of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor…” breaks the law. Only time age comes into play when charging as a misdemeanor or felony. Minors have, indeed, been convicted of a sex crime for sex with another minor. Okay, the male. Since girls are pure and innocent 🙂

        Additionally, Penal Code 288a deals with Oral Copulation with a minor and reads “ANY person who participates in an act of oral copulation with another person who is under 18 years…” may be guilty of a misdemeanor or felony AND will be required, no ifs and buts, to register as a sex offender for the rest of their natural life. Same for Sodomy and fingering.

        Please read the law before making such comments that might encourage some youngster to engage in unlawful behavior.

        1. OK what if the minor was 16 and her boy friend was 20 and the mother which is the only adult garden living in the house hold consents to them both being together then the girl gets prego she flips out cuz of hermones and drama starts boyfriend gets kicked out of house and she don’t want nothing with him no more what are his rights and how can he save him self from getting charged as apetafile

  2. ^How is this the students fault? These laws are in place to protect children from adults that abuse their power. How can you compare an underage child to that of a 45 year old man. Shame on you for blaming the victim.

    1. Funny, a candidate for District Attorney, Greg Diamond, all but condoned this type of activity at his own child’s school. Brea Olinda, where a teacher was accussed of molesting SEVERAL students and was convicted on multiple counts of sex with one child.

      Many will agree, Diamond is an extremist and admits suffering from mental illness, but supporting the RAPE of school children is over the line. Teachers are at the forefront of trust in society and when they betray that for personal satisfaction they should be punished.

      Thank God, this pedo-weirdo got only enough votes to elect a dog catcher.

      1. I sort of remember Mr. Diamond’s comments regarding the case about the teacher at BOHS. I do not recall him condoning anything but keeping things in perspective as this case was about a 17 year old child, err, minor. No, Child. 17 year old child.

        BTW, there is such a thing as ‘RAPE’ in the California Penal Code and this teacher was never accused NOR convicted of such a thing with this 17 year old school child.

        You better believe I was one of the voters voting for Mr. Diamond. I was less voting for him than I was voting AGAINST the incumbent. Come to think about it, I would have voted for Elmer Fudd as opposed to casting my ballot for the DA at the time and currently.

        A DA who has made this sort of case his bread and butter – who brought us naming and shaming of those soliciting prostitution (HEAT) as well as the ill fated (and costly, one would assume – have never seen a cost analysis) ban of those convicted of sex offenses since the dawn of time from PUBLIC and tax payer funded areas, parks and beaches. And how did that go? Oh yes, went down in flames as unconstitutional. Color me surprised.

        Probably just like then-SA Council Member Carlos Bustamante, who voted for this ordinance, and who is currently answering charges of the exact coleur that would have gotten him permanently banned from the park he supports with his tax dollars under his own ordinance. But I digress.

        A DA who was unable to (personally – seriously?) secure a conviction for police officers beating to a slow death a man – on video. A video I have watched and that left me shaken to the core. A DA who managed to so bungle the prosecution of a man who strapped on a bullet proof vest and shot up a hair salon in broad daylight but apparently could not be prosecuted successfully within the confines of existing law. Or so a judge thought. A DA who has as Chief of Staff an attorney who had never tried a felony case. Wait – as of a few months ago that should read – an attorney who has never won a felony case. Sadly many agree that this sort of man is who needs to be the head of the DA’s office in Orange County.

        So yes, comparatively speaking, Mr. Diamond and his tempered comments looked pretty good. And yes, teachers should be punished for this sort of behavior, but it is not the crime of the century. It sure gets a lot of publicity, though. And no, 16 and 17 year olds are not children in any other context.

  3. He was an awesome teacher no doubt! But he was wrong on this one lol dang and what about the horny ass student what did she get? An ass whoopin? Or just a slap in the hand pfffffttt

  4. It’s so sad Mr.G was a really cool teacher he always motivated his students to get good grades . Although what he did isn’t acceptable i would have to agree with other people girls need to dress like there going to learn not to a club . They can’t complain about being checked out when there dressing like sluts! honestly girls these days don’t respect their body . And parents should pay closer attention to what there daughters wear for there own safety.

    1. No one should be checking anyone out. I understand that some girls may dress like “sluts”, but it doesn’t make it right for anyone to be looking at anyone in any way. They are not asking you to check them out. You are choosing to and that tells us a lot about society. They objectify a woman’s body and thats not right.

    2. I am disgusted by your comment, “They can’t complain about being checked out when there dressing like sluts!”. Honestly, a 45 year old man had sexual intercourse with a 16 year old girl and you are blaming the way young girls dress? Your rhetoric directly contributes to rape culture.

      What a woman wears, doesn’t matter if she is in a miniskirt or in a turtleneck, does NOT justify sexual assault. Instead of being concerned with the way young women dress, how about you concern yourself with why you just so blatantly objectified and sexualized high school girls.

  5. Who me no I’m asking a bought a different senerio I’m asking u what would the twenty year old have to do not to get in to problems

  6. How about Jose Torres, track coach and woodshop b*tch at Willard Intermediate back in 1993 or 1994?

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