Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Santa Ana Police Department


Jaime Orendain (34) Santa Ana, a 34-year-old high school wrestling coach, was arrested Tuesday night for having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old female student.

The victim, who is no longer attending Santa Ana High School, claimed she had an inappropriate relationship with Orendain, a part-time wrestling coach and activities director for the school.

During their eight-month relationship, Orendain engaged in consensual sex with the victim and many of the sexual encounters occurred on campus during school hours.

Orendain was made aware of the police investigation and immediately fled. He told school officials he was moving to San Antonio, Texas and posted a video on Instagram that made friends and family believe he was suicidal. Police responded to Orendain’s home to check on his welfare but he fled before police arrived.

After an extensive search, officers located Orendain in the riverbed near the 4000 block of west Segerstrom Avenue. Orendain was arrested without incident and booked at the Santa Ana Jail for felony statutory rape, oral copulation and digital penetration.

SAPD Detectives believe there may be additional victims and ask anyone with information contact Corporal M. Lopez at 714-245-8542, or Orange County Crime Stoppers at 1-855-TIP-OCCS.

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8 thoughts on “Santa Ana High School assistant wrestling coach arrested on suspicion of sex with a minor student”
  1. It’s sad to hear this we work with children because we love it and because their parents put there trust unto us so we can take care of them and not to hurt them and it doesn’t matter what age they are there still children .What are they thinking are we as parent have to start home school our children in order for this not to happen .There needs to be more in depth investigation on the background of each person before they get hired

    1. This is inappropriate, but 17 year olds are NOT children. If they were, we would endorse child labor, let children drive cars and trucks, recruit child soldiers and allow child brides. Oh, and had the same 17 year old “child” killed the coach for his wallet she would certainly be an adult defendant.

      Most children (real children) are abused at home, by their family members. Go right ahead and home school.

      1. Teachers know better, period. To put their lives and careers at stake like this is ridiculous. Not to mention the stress this will cause to the family of the suspect.

        1. 17 year olds know better, period. Stop treating them like small children and either hold them responsible like in any other area of life, or stop treating this like the crime of the century. For this teacher to put his life at risk (I am fine with the career) over this, that is what is ridiculous.

          It is certainly inappropriate but not newsworthy, not worthy of this hysterical response and not worthy of harsh punishment including prison and lifetime registration.

  2. I’ve coached little league, coached high school, and was a foster parent with an ex girl friend. I went through a background check which consisted of submitting finger prints and maybe running a quick criminal check. While I’m all for extensive background checks for anyone working with children, do you have any idea what that costs?! I know police and fire have those kinds of checks, and they take 6-8 month’s for each person! By the time they’ve been hired, the departments are out several thousands of dollars! We’re already short teachers and money as it is, so an extensive background check would only take that much longer to fill them. And this guy was finger printed and did pass their background check, so it obvious that the system is flawed any way. I just hope they put this cochino in general population and let him get what’s coming to him. And I wonder why the girl finally came forward? It was consensual, so what changed? Did he try to end it, and she throw a fit? Not making any excuses for him, I hope he rots, but she’s 17, and definitely knew better also. We’ve been educated so much as a society here, that there’s no way people now a days don’t know. It’s like DUI’s, there should be no excuse.

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