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“A downtown celebration honoring Mexico’s bicentennial that was initially set to kick off Sept. 11 and sparked a firestorm of protests has been moved to the following weekend.  The date change came at the request of the festivities’ promoters, Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream said Thursday,” according to the O.C. Register.

Ream and his administrators were the ones who chose this date in the first place.  Alejandra Garcia Williams, who currently serves as the Consul of Mexico in Santa Ana, asked Ream to change the date.

Kudos to Garcia Williams for defusing the ridiculous racist protest against this event.  Why Ream chose Sept. 11 for this event in the first place is a real mystery.

This year’s Fiestas Patrias is going to be very special as the entire country of Mexico is currently celebrating 200 years of independence (200 años de independencia).  Click here for more information.

Of course the haters are taking credit for the date change.  Lupe Moreno, a local Minuteman, told the Register, “I think it was a lot of pressure put on them. A lot of pressure.”

And the O.C. Register assisted the haters, as usual, by running a poll then trumpeting the results – that 80% of their readers wanted the date of the event changed.  Judging from the many racist comments on their website, it would appear that most of the Register’s readers just hate Mexicans and are against  the event no matter what.

However, the Minuteman protest at the Mexican Consulate in Santa Ana this week was lame.  Our friend Naui caught it on video.  There were only a handful of protesters there.

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7 thoughts on “Santa Ana City Manager moves this year’s Fiestas Patrias to Sep. 18”
  1. I keep reading articles about the Fiestas, bleaming Mr.Ream is just an excuse, I understand their is a comette by couple of city council members, the consul of mexico and few others…..they knew what 911 means for this nation.
    Lupe Moreno protesting in favor of 911, we have to thank her for having the courage to do so. LET’S CELEBRATE 4TH OF JULY , Veterans , Memorial ect.ect. the same way , Santa Ana celebrate all the Mexican Holidays.

    1. Lizette,

      The Mexican Consul had NOTHING to do with the 9/11 date. That was all on Ream. My sources at City Hall have confirmed this.

  2. Dave Ream is SUCH an idiot! He should’ve never scheduled it in the first place on 9/11; after he did, he should’ve stuck by the date instead of kowtowing the racist pendejas Lupe Moreno and Barbara Coe.

    1. Gustavo,

      Amen! Ream has lost it.

      In response, the event organizers ought to add a Lupe Moreno pinata to the festivities…

  3. The initial date was chossen by Dave Reem and the City Council. They have not stated their rationale for it. What other outcome could be the result other than division. Wether intentional or not the decisinon was wrong.

    Citizens should get better decision making from their government. The original date of Sept 11th was not choosen by the Hispanic Community. In fact it has been corrected by representatives of the Hispanic community when their opinion was taken into consideration.

  4. The original date chosen was wrong and should have been corrected, not “stuck by”, although there are several, I am sure who would have loved to have done it on that date, knowing it would irritate many, but that is why they would have loved that date. That date is still available, just not here.

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