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Garret James McKinnon after a DUI accident

Santa Ana Police Department



On July 25, 2013 Arrestee Garret James McKinnon was involved in a vehicle pursuit with our officers before he collided with three other vehicles causing his vehicle to overturn near Garfield and Brown Streets.

The collision resulted in six people being injured including himself. As a result of this collision and his conviction for 2800.3 VC, Evading a Peace Officer and 23152(a) VC Driving Under The Influence, McKinnon’s license was revoked and he was sentenced to 5 years in state prison.

On Saturday, June 23, 2018 at approximately 11:06 pm, an Officer was monitoring traffic at the intersection at S. Flower and W. St. Gertrude Streets when he saw a black SUV headed south on Flower at a high rate of speed failing to stop for the posted stop sign. As the officer turned in behind the vehicle, he saw it enter the intersection of Flower and Warner still at a high rate of speed failing to stop for the red signal light. Within the intersection of Flower and Warner, the black SUV collided with four other vehicles. The passenger in the black SUV sustained major injuries. A passenger in another involved vehicle sustained significant injuries. All parties were treated and transported a local hospital and are expected to survive.

Previous booking photo of Garret James McKinnon

Following the collision, the driver of the black SUV was initially contacted by officers as he crawled out of the overturned vehicle he was operating. He sat briefly on the curb as asked by officers before he took off on foot. Following a short foot pursuit, the driver was taken into custody without incident. The driver in both of these violent, multi-vehicle injury collisions has been identified as Garret McKinnon. After being released from the hospital, McKinnon was booked on an outstanding No Bail probation violation warrant.

SAPD Collision Investigators secured a warrant for McKinnon’s blood believing he again was under the influence while operating a motor vehicle during this most recent collision. The warrant was served and the blood along with McKinnon’s medical records were seized as evidence. With the assistance of the District Attorney, charges were filed and a warrant issued for McKinnon for 20001(a) Felony Hit & Run Collision, VC, 23153(g), DUI Causing Great Bodily Injury, VC, 148(a)(1) PC, Resisting Arrest, 14601.1(a) VC, Driving With Revoked Driver’s License and enhancements for two counts of great bodily injury. The warrant has a bail of $150.000. McKinnon will be served this new warrant while he remains in-custody.

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2 thoughts on “Repeat DUI driver gets 5 years in prison after multi-car accident in Santa Ana”
  1. The bail should have been higher based off of the fact that the defendant was under the influence. At least there were no casualties involved in this accident. He will get what he deserves. Don’t drink and drive ladies and gentlemen!

  2. Garret Mckinnon has been tormenting my family for years and one of my family members has a domestic violence restraining order against him. I hope he stays in prison for a while so we can be at peace. We never know what he will do next. He is a violent person.

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