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The Big Draw

The Copper Door is hosting a rebranded Big Draw for the new year on Wednesday, January 8, 2014, at 8 pm.

They are inviting all of their 2013 artists back, and replacing the scribble slam with live jazz combo music. Beer, Art, and Music combine again as they start the New Year right. Here’s what you can see on January 8th at The Copper Door:

Featured Artists

  • Just Magic & Sandwiches
  • Gypsy Pea Magoo
  • Fernando The Artist
  • Ron Pete
  • Noel Madrid
  • Cathleen Abalos
  • Sean Robertson
  • Tristan Cruz
  • Joe Ded Art
  • Johnnie Dominguez
  • Steve Minty
  • Ben Swenson
  • Jesse Bullock (Psychophile)
  • 9:00-10:15 – Collin Mac Quartet
  • 10:15-Midnight Cello
  • Midnight-Last Call Abeltron

The Big Draw is a monthly event happening every second Wednesday at the Copper Door. They are creating a cool and classy space for artists to hang out, network, and draw. A space for featured artists to display and sell art in an organic way that showcases their talent, and fits in with the unique atmosphere of the Copper Door. Add to that good music, extended DJ sets, the rad folks that come out, and the 30+ feet of communal sketchpad and you get The Big Draw.

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One thought on “Rebranded Big Draw set for Jan. 8 at The Copper Door, in DTSA”
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    Vern Nelson misspelled the title on his music album which he is pushing at the OrangeJuiceBlog “Twenty-Four Prunes or Galaxies” which should spell “Twenty-Four Prunos or Galaxies”

    Haaaaaa, Haaa, Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Haa, Haa, Haaaaaaa…….. what an idiot.

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