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Ralphs South Coast Marketplace in Santa Ana
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Ralphs, the Kroger-owned grocery chain, is closing their last grocery store in Santa Ana, at 2741 W. MacArthur Blvd., on Oct. 23, according to the O.C. Register.

Ralphs closed a popular location on 17th St. and Bristol a few years ago.  That store is now a Smart and Final.  The Kroger company also closed a popular Food 4 Less location on Grand and 17th a few years ago.  That site remains empty today.

So if you were still a Ralphs shopper in Santa Ana, where will you buy your groceries now?

While Grocery Outlet is returning soon to Orange County they are planning a store in Fountain Valley, not in Santa Ana.

Another discount retailer, Aldi, is coming to Southern California, but not until March and I doubt they will open a store in Santa Ana given the anti big-box ordinance that our City Council passed a few years ago. Santa Ana has no Costco and no Sam’s Club and only one Wal-Mart due in part to that ordinance.

I personally shop at the Ralphs in Orange, the Albertsons on 17th and Tustin, and the Stater Bros. on Tustin and Santa Clara.  I stop at local mercados once in awhile, mostly to buy marinated meats and fruits and vegetables.

Let us know where you like to buy your grocers in our poll below!

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2 thoughts on “Poll – with Ralphs pulling out of Santa Ana, where do you plan to buy your groceries?”
  1. I buy at Ralphs few things i get there cuz i think they r more fresh like vegetables and few other things and food4less for selling my kids snaks in family packs Northgate for my meats
    So sad that they wont open one of the new stores in santa ana inted of fountain valley.

  2. Stater is good. LOVED the Ralph’s across from the college . Like the Northgate there too, but the parking is HORRENDOUS. Most North Santa Ana goes out of town.

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